Chapter 20: ReactionsMature

There was silence from most of the ghosts loitering in the graveyard that night. Both Amber and Lollie found the sound, or lack of, to be unnerving; this burial place was effectively the dead equivalent of a club. Only the wind blew gently through, adding only a little noise to the dull sound-scape. It was haunting.

Amber, just as Lily knew she would, screamed. Loudly.

"At least you broke the silence." Lollie said sarcastically, pushing the mist out of her field of vision with a stroke of her hand - it did nothing.

Sophie just stared through the fog at the mysterious figure. Everyone was a little scared by their presence, especially Amber who had decided to cower behind a large grave stone. Sophie joined her.

"What's everyone so worried about?" Sophie asked.

"No one comes here these days. You get the occasional kid on the run but nothing more. Especially not at this hour."

"So what do we do?"

"Scare them away?" Amber suggested hopefully.

"How do you intend to do that?" Sophie was a little confused at how the pretty girl who was so afraid of the shrouded person was in any shape to scare even the smallest child.

"Go 'oooooooooooooo!'" Amber said with a smile. Sophie just shook her head. "You'd be surprised how effective that is!"

Meanwhile, Lollie had moved forwards, into the mist.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"The person who can help you."

And with that, the person revealed themselves. They also pulled out a small stone and threw it at an unsuspecting ghost. It dissolved into the rock, screaming in pain.

"But if you don't do what I want first, you'll end up like that too."

The End

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