Chapter 19: Keeping a promiseMature

As Amber bombarded her friend with questions which often ended in spells of giggling a warm happy feeling rose up inside Sophie. She was dead and just coming to terms with it but know felt warm and finally at home. It was only when she looked down at her feet that her mood went a deep shade of blue. Fog began circling around her ankles. Hugging and kissing them before cowering away. None of the other ghosts noticed this vapour until footsteps echoed throughout the area. Footsteps? Ghosts don't make footsteps.

Amber and Lollie realised this and silenced simultaneously before staring out into the night. Someone was walking towards them with heavy footsteps that echoed a thousand heartbeats. Sophies jaw dropped when she saw the person they had come to meet.

"Hello....?" Lollie bravely called out into the night. The three girls stared at the black sillhouette hidden by the shadows of the night. Sophie had to keep reminding herself their was nothing to be afraid of as people could not see them....Wait! Could this person see her?

"Hello. I'm here to help you" her question had been answered

The End

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