Chapter 16: FrustrationMature

Lollie walked in front of Sophie, who shuffled behind, trying her hardest to keep up.

"Lol, slow down, please?" Sophie pleaded. Her legs didn't ache, which she thought was strange, but she just guessed that was just how being a ghost was.

"Don't call me Lol, it's Lollie." Lollie said simply, continuing to walk quickly. An entire day had passed since Sophie had passed over, and Lollie was getting more and more irritated with her as the time passed. She knew in her heart that it wasn't Sophie's fault; she didn't mean for this to happen. But Lollie was angry. This girl had everything right with her life; a nice boyfriend, a loving family, everything Lollie had ever wished for, and all Lollie had got in life was rejection, hatred and violence. So why did Sophie still have everything in death? When Lollie had died, no-one had been around to help her, but when Sophie had died, her boyfriend could see her, her phone was working and she still existed to the world.

"I'm sorry, Lollie," Sophie said, nervously, hoping that Lollie wasn't to angry with her.

"Don't be. I'm being horrible, I'm sorry." Lollie said. "You've just died and I'm snapping at you already." Sophie smiled and caught up to Lollie, walking alongside her. Lollie slowed her pace so that she could keep up, before coming to a halt outside the tall, black gates to the graveyard. "We're here."

The End

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