Chapter 15: Permanent SadnessMature

"Right. Right. Yeah. Ok." Lollie had wandered away a little  and was still talking on the phone. Sophie watched her closely, partly admiring the bravery with which she was talking but also worrying about the weakness shown in her body language.

"I really can't do that!" she shouted down into the phone.

"What is it?" Sophie asked but Lily gestured for her to keep quiet.

"I'll try." she ended the call and threw the phone back to its owner.


"Who actually was that? Because they knew how we could pass on. How I could get help. Apparently there's an old woman who lives in the graveyard in the next town who knows about our state. She's an expert or something. Are you coming with me?"

"Me?" Sophie looked confused.

"Who else would I be talking to? You're the only other dead person here." they both looked sad for a second before smiling and hugging.

"Who was that?" Lollie asked.

"I know the voice but I don't remember who it belongs to."

"Very useful."

"Don't you think it's a trap?"


"Aren't you scared?"

"Not really."


"Well, what's the worst they could do to us now?"

The End

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