Chapter 12: What true love isMature

Lily walked through the dark fair feeling a mix of emotions about the world. She wanted to scream but her anger built up in her throat and froze her voice. It wouldn't matter if she did scream nobody would hear her. Nobody except....

She turned around quickly and frowned into the night. The lonely figure was gone. She had dissapeared into the night. All that was left was the controversial ferris wheel and other rides that may soon add to the collection of rides to take a life.

Lily walked the streets and allies. A constant reminder she had nothing in the world to fear. Nothing could hurt her more than her life was already doing.

She stood as crystal tears blistering her skin. She watched the house in front of her and the people who inhabited it. She hated watching them but had to. She could not help it. They were the people she had loved, but memories were all she had know

A gunshot brought her back into reality...her own reality. She glanced down the street then shuddered. No more deaths today. No more reminders of the life I live

These were the thoughts going through my head as a girl only I could see held the bleeding head of the boy she had once loved. Loved...before she entered my world. But he was soon to follow 

The End

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