Chapter 11: Dealing with Anger and Becoming DesperateMature

Lollie got up and span on her heels.

"Why you? More importantly, why not me? You know how long I've been trapped here? Too long! You wanted to know what happened to me? I was killed. Happy now?"

Sophie got up to go and give her a hug, but Lollie wasn't interested. Since she felt like she could remember the layout well, she ran off in a strop.

"Is there anyone you want to call?" Sophie called after her.

"Not interested. Find somewhere else to haunt."

And she was gone.

Sophie was all alone; she had been afraid that death would be like that. She took her phone out of her pocket and looked over the texts again. She knew she couldn't reply - she was dead and they'd think something was up. But she hated this so much.

She started to type.

"I miss you so much. I never said it but I love you too."

She had started to cry again, her tears dripping onto the faded screen, blurring the typed letters.

"I always love it everytime"

She stopped and deleted that sentence. She replaced it with:

"I always used to love it everytime you put your arms around me. You were so warm and you made me feel so safe. I could do with one of your hugs right now. I'm so scared. Help me Finn. Please xx"

She refused to give up. She wanted to be alive so much.

She hit send.

Sophie held her breath for what must have been the longest few minutes of her after-life. Then she got a reply:

"I'm here baby. I want my Sophie to be safe again. Tell me what I can do and I'll do it. I love you xx"

She smiled beneath the tears. She had found her safety.

The End

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