Chapter 8: Mum's last wordsMature

Sophie shivered slightly. "Should I open it?" she asked Lollie feeling slightly nervous.

Lily looked wistfully at the phone, before nodding at Sophie. She allowed Sophie to read the text before peering over the top of the phone, just in time to catch Sophie closing the text. A look of pure sadness washed across Sophie's face and Lily leaned back into the bench.

"I'm sorry..." She said, thoughtfully. "I don't understand," Lily said, speaking to herself "Can I know what the text said?"

Sophie looked startled at the sound of Lily's voice, as if she had forgotten that she was there. She looked mournfully at the phone before re-opening the text and handing the electronic device to Lily.

Lily stared blankly at the miniature screen for a while, taking in the words, and imagining the kind of emotion that would be running through Sophie's body. Lily shivered.

"Lollie... They haven't told my mum yet... My mum doesn't even know that I'm dead." Sophie gulped as the words lingered in the air around the girls. Lily remained silent, not knowing what she could say.

"I... I'm sorry." she finally whispered. "I.. I can't imagine how that feels." Lily put her arm around Sophie, pulling her into a tight hug. "I'm so sorry."

Images of Lily's childhood flashed in front of her eyes. Each foster family, each care worker and each failed adoption she had ever been through. Lily had wondered many a time whether the reason she hadn't 'moved on' was that she had never met her mother, but there were a million other reasons that it could have been.

Sophie closed her eyes. The image of the message she had just received burned bright onto the back of her eyelids.

"Be home by ten, Mum xx"

The End

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