Chapter 7: Difficult QuestionsMature

"This isn't my favourite of stories, oddly enough." Lily started.

"I know. But you did just watch me die."

"I fell with you."

"But can't you...?"

"Fly?" Lollie laughed out loud, something she rarely did.

"Well yeah."

"Try it."

Sophie got up and jumped. A second or two later, she landed. She kept on trying for quite a while before giving up.

"We fall just like the living do."

"Just like I did." Sophie looked down to her feet. "Will I always be wearing this?"

"Unfortunately. You won't age either. Permanently young." Part of Lily liked that - she loved how she looked and was pleased to think that she'd always be this beautiful. Not that anyone would ever see her anymore.

Sophie didn't have much blood on her but Lollie understood how she must feel. She understood what was going on.

As Sophie herself got used to being dead, so did everything that was with her. So any wet blood on her would dry slowly as she accepted her death. She could feel it happening with each passing second.

"There's nothing I can do to help." Lollie frowned apologetically. "You want to know what happened?"

Sophie nodded, taking Lollie's hands and holding them tight.

"Well." she started but Sophie stopped her.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out her mobile. It was flashing. She had received a text. But she was dead. The phone was still in the jeans pocket of her body.

"How did you do that?" Lily asked. "I've never been able to get to anything I had in my pockets before!" she tried and failed, making a slightly over-the-top gesture to prove her point. Then Sophie showed her the screen with the 'One New Message' notice.

"Well that's new."

The End

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