Chapter 6: coming to termsMature

"That's.. uhh..." said Sophie, sounding queasy.

The girl smiled apologetically, putting her arm around Sophie and moving her away from the corpse. The two girls sat on a red bench in the middle of the fairground. The living moved around them, police took statements, the crowds dispersed and continued on with their lives, slightly shocked by the event that had just occured.

Sophie's body was taken away, and a few hours later, the fair was empty. The girls remained on their bench, quietly, while Sophie struggled to come to terms with what had happened to her. The scene replayed over and over in her head until she could take it no more. She looked over at the other girl who was sat still. She had beautiful red hair which was slightly curled and almost at shoulders length.

"Uhh.." the girl said, unnerved by the attention, "I'm Lily.. But.. everyone calls me Lollie... Look, I'm sorry about all of this, but you'll get used to it, I promise."

Sophie smiled a half-smile at Lily, confused as to why she was here.

"So how did you..?" Sophie paused, trying to think of a way to phrase what she was trying to say. "What happened to you..?" She eventually asked, slightly afraid of what her new friend's response would be.

The End

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