Chapter 4: shattering screams and broken dreamsMature

She could hear the sirens whirring in the background, yet she couldn't help but smile. It had been years since anyone had passed through here. Her grin widened as she thought of the last.

Marco smiled happily, running from ride to ride. "Mummy!" He yelled with glee, "Mummy, pleease can I go on this!?" he had said, pointing at a ride. His mother smiled, conceding to her child's pleas. The boy had cackled, happy with his seeming control.

The howls were the only bit difficult to deal with, the girl thought. The young girl's aquaintance was howling at her side. The screams were petrifying, bone-chilling and unbearable. She realised she was covering her ears.

"MARCO!" she had screamed, her heart in her mouth. She ran towards the body of her young boy, tears beginning to form in her eyes. She clutched the still body of her beloved boy, covering him in a salty shower. The paramedic had yanked her away from her boy and pulled her into a tight embrace. The crowd around stood stock still with shock, paralysed by the true horror of what they saw. They would all be back, the girl had thought. Soon enough they would all forget this little accident and they would move on.

"W... W-what's going on?!" A timid voice whispered, causing the girl to turn an her heels.

The End

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