Chapter 3: Trying to be Happy Despite the HardshipMature

She had decided to have a go on the ferris wheel to take her mind off of things. She was sat next to a young couple who were happily laughing. She watched him reach for her hand as she cried out in shock - the ride jolted slightly.

She was about their age. She looked at them enviously; she had never felt love. The little girl inside her had always looked forward to becoming a fairy princess and marrying the man of her dreams but the realist that had grown in the past few years now understood that even with everything that had gone on in her life, she'd never have found her dream - the odds were stacked against her.

The ride jolted again. She had taken to watching unsuspecting members of the public go about their daily routines and had decided to do the same now. She smiled weakly as she saw people walking past, having fun. She laughed weakly at the little boy who had just gone down the slide on his father's lap and been sick on him. She cried a single tear for the little girl who didn't win that giant teddy she wanted from the stall.

The ride jolted for a third time, much more vigourously. She was worried. Not that she could get hurt of course. But she was worried for the living. She hated thinking like that but there was no other way to deal with it - she was dead and they weren't.

The ride jolted again but they didn't seem to notice - they were too absorbed in each other's arms. She knew that that was a mistake and they were about to find out the same.

The ride was broken, she knew that much. So when she felt like she was about to fall, at least she wasn't surprised. The girl, however, was. She screamed and scratched at the boy, trying to get a better grip. Luckily, she bit her fingernails and so didn't leave much of a mark. But she didn't get anything to hold on to.

The two females fell at the same time. She wasn't that bothered really; it wasn't that far to fall but the girl was petrified. In a sadistic kind of way, she was happy. She was about to gain a friend.

For some odd reason, when she hit the floor, she stopped. So did the girl.

She really didn't want to turn and look now. This was going to be nasty.

The End

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