This is alot like the books

I nearly crap myself as the demons every foot step shakes the ground.  I try to back up only to find myself running into a concrete median. I was terrified I was going into panic mode.   The demon stopped at it swords length as it began to slice down I closed my eyes knowing this had to be the end.  I hear the sound of metal slamming into eachother.

" Get up kid your not dieing today." A young girls voice says.

I open my eyes to a see a girl who looked slightly older than me with a black katana like blade in her hand. I was amazed and confused that demon is definetly much stronger than her how could she possibly stop the blow.

" Will you move dumbass! I don't have all day here!" She shouts angrily as she begins to slide backwards.  I roll forwards and jump back up onto my feet. still stunned.

" Thank you!" She continues to yell.

She jumps over the demon with amazing agility, the tip of her blade slice the top of the demons skull has she hovers over it upslide down.  She comes down to a soft landing. She take no time and takes the oppertunity to run the deomon through her blade.

" Jado of malice rip this form apart!" She commands.

From the blade emanates a purple whirl wind which engulfs the demon splattering a acidic black blood. 

" You know this beats any book , or movie , I have ever read or watched." I say acting alot tougher than I felt.

The End

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