My school is a norm.... Is that a portal?

One the bus I looked out the window seeing the the city blur into a monoutnous grey , and windowy existance. Dan is flirtting with all the girls of course he the chatty one with the honey brown eyes and hero blond hair , and the muscular but not to muscular look. Me on the other hand piercing blue eyes , scraggly light brown hair , and muscular. I guess I don't look too bad just really shy. The buss stopped and we all piled out. The school  is a rather normal looking highschool boring , frey,  a courtyard entry from  the bus stop.

I headed for the entry like any usual day when bang. The ground begin to shake and before it seem like the frabric of reality was breaking like glass.  I stood there shocked and frozen not believing my eyes. The  ground begins to quake even fore violently and I fall over. I don't take my eyes off what is happening before me. A figure emerges with flames covering it entirely. Behind it are leathery like bat wings and flaming tail to boot. It looked like your typical fire demon from a school drawing but this wasn't a school drawing.

The demon steps out of its little tear in reality , and with that step does the ground stops shaking and begins to melt.  I stand back up with probably the widest of eyes scared out of my mind. Fellow students around me begin to run in terror. I wanted to join them but something in my body wanted me to stay.  The demon opens its foul mouth and gives a roar that a lion could never beat. The ground shook , and steamed from it. Walls collapsed before it soundwaves. It even blew me off my feet. I land hard onto cement and for the first time in my life I think I could honestly say I was mortally terrified.  Behind me the busses began to take off with terrified looking kids at the windows.

The Demon lifts its hands up and collum of flames ignite and explode the bus before my eyes. I felt so helpless and terrified , and yet something in me told me to stand up and fight but with what?   I pick myself up on the ground, and instinct took over. I held my hand out similiar to like the demon and concentrated on an intense wind. If I was in any normal state I would think this was crazy making , but before me is a flaming demon , and a portal to who knows where.  In my hand the wind seems concentrates itself into a compacted orb of wind that if it was to be released I was sure it was ten hurricane winds in one blast. I run towards the demon. It turns to meet me and begins to barrage me with small explosive  bullets made of purly of fire.

I ran and jumped 10 feet in the air. The demon hands follows my trajectory , but it was too late for it as I release the orb of wind directly upon it. The force of the wind cause a deep pit and literally blows the demon out like a candle and crushes it into the crater.  I land on the ground completly surprised what I have done. I turn to see more demons poor out of the portal looking eager for a fight.  The previous surge of instint had left me without the knowledge of how I did that and I was left to face another perhaps ten demons.

" I am so screwed."  I say dumbfoundly I turn to run  , it was futlile as I feel something peg me in the back sending me flying through the air. I hit green grass with such force that I leave a dent in the ground and contiue to carthwheel down a small knoll. My momentum ceases when I flatten myself into a concrete median. I look up dizzily on the hill. A demon with one arm in the shape of serated blade that looked like only a pound of pressure would be able to rip a man in half.


The End

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