The begining.

Exactly one month ago



" Shut up!" I punch my alarm clocks screen and I break it , " Not another one." I mumble.  I roll off my bed making a loud thump on the floor. My head felt like it had went through the washing machine. 

" Uhhh what did I do to feel this way?" I say trying to remember lastnight. A memory flashes into my head.


" Calm it dude put the gun down , Here have the cash." I say holding a bleeding arm.

" I don't need money." A dark hissing voice comes from the hooded man. He reloads the gun.

" Oh no you don't." A insane courage roars up in me and I ran towards the hooded man kicking the gun from his hand then plant a fist in his face.

The fist collides with a animal hide texture and the man seems unhurt from my attack.I pull  my fist back as if there was poision on his face.

" What the?" I say stunned and he manically luaghs before he attacks me at an unhuman pace and i remembered no more.

I return to the present sitting on the side of my bed looking at a bruised body.

" What the hell happened afterwards?" I ask my self pulling on a shirt.

" Crion, get up now if you want breakfast!" I hear a yell from my friend Dan say.

Well I would say he would be a bother but we are not related. His parents adopted me when I was young. I never met my parents there wasn't a lot of information other then I was born  November the third 1994.   I sluggishly pull a pair of pants on then half walk out of my room and down the stairs.

" Hey guys." I walk into the kitchen to see grilled cheese sandwhiches.

" Crion, before you eat what happened lastnight?" My mom or should I say adoptive mothers asks.

" Georgia all I can remember is a man with a gun singling me out and chasing me. I kicked the gun out of his hands then he beat me senseless." I tell her grabbing a sandwhich and some ketchup.

" Well be careful today okay please." She pleads.

" Will do." I say happily and grab my school bag and head for school whistling.

The End

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