The Last Defiance

Humanity, and its newfound half human allies have one last defiance agianst the demons from the plains of darkness.

I sit behind a mother and terrified son on a bus. From all that I know this could be the remmance of humanity. More people piled onto the bus all hiding they're true despair.  A division of men stood in behind the bus ready to give their lives. They all held an assualt rifle or a sniper. A few wise ones carried swords. Fools , guns don't affect their thick hyde. A blade may not be any better but the thing is humans do have magic, and magic  will transfer itself to the blade and damage a demon. I thought.  The young child ahead of me asks his mom.

" Mommy will we ever see Daddy agian?" He ask so innocently I could have cried.

In the mothers voice I could here the restraint of crying or showing pain, and fear.

" Jake Daddy is going to be a hero , but I'm to be a hero we must be seperated forever." She tries to put it to him delicatly, but also minutely giving him the facts of life.

He took it well; I guess in the last month the boy has seen only to much of the facts of life. Once the buss filled it rumbeled to life and began it fleeing of the demons. Thats what humanity has been reduced to;running.  I looked back I should be out there sword drawn ready to fight. I couldn't though in one instant it all was taken from me. My new found strength I was reduced to less than a human with a strange tattoe like tattoo one my chest showing that I am the last defiance but I no longer have the power to be a defaint.

So I ran from my duties hoping they believed I died becuase the truth is much worse.  It was cowardly of me but I couldn't let the people last hope at surviving become useless. Atleast if I had died they could still hope that why I did may have set things in motion.  A few hours later out futile attempt of a escape ended demons poored from moutians side firing balls of fire and ice. The bus flipped over and grinded itself into the ground.

" Get out now. Don't linger around the dead come on." I order whipping out a blade that I started with. It was nothing like the blade I used to fight demons but now I can not possibly wield now in my less than human state. I crawled out of the bus to find myself surrounded by demons. Just the human size demons they and they looked damm hungry. One comes rushes forwards ready to tackle me. I sidstepp and slice the demon. It had no magic to slice its actual being. In an instant I lay on the ground coughing blood.  Before I pass out some figures appear and to kick some demon ass. One of the kneels beside me and opens my jacket to reveal the scar.

" He is here we found him."  

The End

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