Silvernist gritted her teeth seeing all the hands raised that voted her guilty. Now she would be hanged of telling the truth. If only she had some proof. The guards grabbed her. She struggled to break free of their grasp but couldn't so she gave up.

"Take her back to the cell," she heard the king say. As they pulled her from the room, she stared back at the royal family. She hated them. She hated the king and the queen their son, the prince and even the princess. She started to feel hatred for people. She wished she were never born.

Arake turned away from the girl's flaming eyes as she was being pulled away. Something about her bothered him. What if she was right? What if this world was in danger? He shook the thoughts away and turned to his father.

Everyone in the room was standing and talking about Silvernist. Arake stood up himself and saw Davey waving at him from the back. While the king talked to his wife, Arake joined his friend.

"She was a real beauty, huh," Davey said. Admiration was in his voice. He watched the silver haired girl being taken away.

"To bad she commited a crime."

"Well she didn't commit murder. She was about to," Arake corrected.


"There's- there's something about her." The knight lifted an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?" Arake didn't reply.

"Hey Dave!" Another knight, much older called to him. Davey frowned at Arake and walked away. He waved over his shoulder. Before Arake could see the girl again, the doors shut.

"It's over and done with," he heard his father saying. Arake stood by his side.

"Wonderful! Now there’s nothing to worry about," Rose said as the king wrapped an arm around his wife’s waist.

"Yes, nothing," he replied as his head leaned in closer for a quick kiss. Arake rolled his eyes and turned away. But why would someone make up something like that? All of the sudden, there was yelling coming from the guards. One rushed in holding a wounded arm and his face was sweating as if he had dumped it in a bowl of cold water.

"Your majesty! The castle is being invaded!"

The End

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