"I will not put up with it. No, no I will not go to the trial. And you shouldn't go either Arake," the queen complained.

"Dear, don't you want to know what she has to say?" The queen shook her head. Rose was as stubborn as ever and usually got what she wanted. Arake stood in the throne room with Sir Lorando and watched them. The king grew annoyed and motioned for one of his guards.

"Bring the prisoner to the courtroom,” he ordered. The guard nodded and left the room.
Silvernist finally could not help but grip the cell bars and yank.

"Let me out!" she screamed.

"Let me out!" She repeated. She heard footsteps heading her way. She quit yelling but kept her hands on the bars. A man stepped in front of her and sneered,

"Your coming with me, girl." Silvernist heard a key turning the lock. She then found herself out of prison being led away. Once they climbed the staircase, a bright light appeared from above blinding her eyes.

Silvernist closed her eyes. Because of being in the dark for so long the light hurt her eyes. She opened them. The guard was leading her down a corridor until they stopped at a large door. The guard opened it and shoved her in on the other side. She found herself in a large crowded room. People sat on benches on both sides of the room, talking and whispering to each other. The door behind her closed and Silvernist suddenly became embarrassed for everyone was watching her. She realized this was her trial.

King Timothy and Queen Rose sat in the very front of the room with their son sitting beside them on the right.

"Come forward," the king spoke loudly. Silvernist obeyedand cautiously came before them.

"What's your name?" he asked. Silvernist opened her mouth but shut it.


"Yes?" she hesitated and answered.


"Silvernist? What kind of name is that?" The queen snorted. Her face felt warm and she looked toward ground.

"Well, Silvernist, my wife tells me that you tried to murder me." Murmers and noises came from the crowd.

"Is this true?" Silvernist looked down.

"No your majesty. It is not. For I have only come to warn you. My weapon was only for defense." The king and queen exchanged glances.

"She's lying," the queen objected.

"I'm not," Silvernist said trying to control her anger. "I'm warning y-."

"Enough rubbish, we already went over that part. This land is supposed to be free of evil and there is no wicked wizard," the king raised his voice. He was becoming uncomfortable and the queen seemed to be smiling in agreement.

"Why listen to a girl. A strange girl who hides her face, who right now will remove her cloak." Silvernist clenched her fists in anger. No one in all her life listened to her except her grandmother. When the king said to remove her cloak, she froze. Remove it?

"Take it off," the queen ordered. Silvernist had no choice but to obey.

Arake watched the girl enter. He didn't say anything during the trial but he listened carefully and later on, dozed off. When he heard his mother say to the prisoner to take off her cloak, he suddenly became alerted waited anxiously for the girl to remove it.

The girl hesitated before her hands reached her hood and she slowly pulled it back. Everyone gasped, even Arake. Silver hair fell down to her waist. Her eyes were sparkling silver and her skin was pale. Along her cheekbone, was a long scar. The girl's lips were set in a straight, firm line and her face was radiant. Arake looked on in wonder.

Whispers were sent through the crowd. One was

"What is she?"

"That hair!” One replied.

The king was speechless but shook his head and said,

"I'm still not convinced that what you’re saying is true. Do you have proof?" The girl was silent for a moment.

"I… have none," came her reply.

"Then we shall know if your guilty or not." Arake listened to the audience exchange whispers. He wondered how this girl could make up this kind of stuff unless she was right. The king spoke.

"We shall vote guilty or not guilty."

"Guilty?" Arake saw all the hands go up.

"Not guilty." Zero hands went up. It was done.

"Sivernist is guilty of murder and lies. She will be hanged tomorrow by nightfall."

The End

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