The Girl In The Shadows

Before Arake entered the prison cells, he waited until a guard passed him so he could sneak in without being caught. He wanted to talk to the girl again, to see if she was really telling the truth and to know more about the wizard. Arake made it down the stone stairway that led down into the dungeon. As soon as he stepped down from the last step, he found himself peering into a dark hall. He started moving passed the black cells, hearing moans coming from the prisoners. The sounds from them brought chills up his spine and Goosebumps to blossom on his skin. He stopped when he recognized the cell that the girl was in.

"Hello?" he asked. A moving sound came from inside.

"What do you want?" The voice was parched. It was her. She was standing behind the bars.

"Well?" she questioned.

"I- Uh," Arake stood firm. " I want to know the truth."

"I have already told you the truth," she replied coldly. "Aviel does exist and the world is in danger.”

"But why?"

"The evil wizard Aviel wants revenge because your ancestors have destroyed Andorra," she explained.

"Andorra?” Arake stared at the girl in disbelief. A moment passed between them until Arake asked her another question.

“Who are you?” he asked her. The girl opened her mouth just barely and then closed them. But before she could just reply, a guard’ booming voice appeared, startling them. Arake looked to his left and saw a guard walking toward him.

“Prince Arake, you are not allowed to be in here!” The guard yelled. “Your father is looking for you!” Arake nodded, glanced back at the girl and then walked away.


Campion stood on top of a grassy hill looking down upon the castle. He was thinking how he and his clan could get the silver witch and the map. He returned to his group of soldiers who was hiding in the woods. Suddenly, a voice boomed in his head.

"Get the girl Campion or you know what will happen " Campion held his head in his hands in pain. The voice disappeared slowly and his mind stopped whirling. After a few ways of traveling throughthe woods, he came upon his trained soldiers whom were sharpening their swords and daggers.

"Men," Campion called. "I have figured out how to get the girl and the map." Everyone gathered together.

"We shall invade the castle by nightfall."

The End

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