Chapter Three Part One

As always, Silvernist paced the hard cold floor. So far, shehad been locked up for a week. That is what the guard had told her while guarding her cell. She sat down on the hard bed and covered her face in her hands. This world will be in Aviel's hands if I don't get out. She thought. Why couldn’t things turn out for her?

Silvernist felt tears coming. Her life wasn't getting any better. Her life was depression, sorrow and confusion. She didn't even no what happened to her parents. Were they dead or alive.? She wondered who she really was. Was she put on this earth for some reason? Or was she put here because she just was. Silvernist caught one tear making it's way down her cheek.

Who am I?

"We'll have to have a trial," King Timothy announced as they sat on their thrones.

"Trial? Trial?! We should just kill her right away! We don't even know who she is or what she looks like. I think there’s something suspicious about her." His wife complained.

"Now dear, you worry too much..." Arake groaned. They were arguing all morning. He wanted to shout at them to be quiet but it wouldn't be polite. Arake signed. Maybe he could speak with the girl since his parents would be too busy arguing.

The End

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