The Girl Speaks

"Let me go!" Silvernist yelled. She tried to yank her arms out of the guard's hands but they were too strong. Silvernist's hood was close to slipping off and feared terribly that it would. She was being  led to the dark dungeons. Soon she'd be locked away and her mission would fail.

Finally, she was released but thrown into a rusty, dark cell. Silvernist quickly stood and turned around to have the door slammed in her face. She watched through the bars as the guard locked it.

"You'll be sorry, girl," he whispered harshly and left with the others. Silvernist was alone and was now pacing her new "room."

She was growing hot inside her hood but she was afraid to take it off in case any of the guards walked by and noticed her hair. It wouldn't hurt. Silvernist untied her cloak and it fell to the floor. Her long silvery hair fell to her waist. It was tangled but still beautiful. The hair didn't seem to show in the dark so she stopped worrying. A while passed and she stood in the darkness, wondering what she should do. She looked toward the door when she heard footsteps coming in her direction and her throat tightened. She held her breath again and waited. She moved from the door and into the shadows. She pretended to be sleeping as a guard walked passed by but he stopped. She cupped her mouth with her hand and hoped he wouldn’t try to look in.  Silvernist breathed out in relief when he continued walking through the dungeon.


Everyone who came to the ball had left after the mention of a murderer. Arake watched everyone leave the castle and hustle towards the village and their homes. It wasn’t very much of a birthday Arake had expected it to be. He especially did not expect this event to happen as well. Davey came up beside him.

"Why would a young girl try and murder the king?" Arake shrugged.

"I know, It's strange. Maybe she has a reason. If you talk to her, I’m sure you will know if she tried to kill the king or not.” Arake nodded.

"Well, I have to go.” Davey said and walked away. They waved goodbye to each other and Arake went back to his parent’s room and saw that they were still sitting on the bed.

"See her? Why see her? I'd rather have her hanged then see her!" Rose exlaimed. Her husband patted her softly on the shoulder.

"It's alright dear. We'll just speak to her." Arake stood listening to their conversation.

"Father, may I come?" he asked.

"Yes you may. Dear you can stay here if you want," he told his wife.

"I'll stay here," she said with stubbornness.

Arake followed his father down the halls, pass the kitchen and into the dungeon where he stared into the cells where the prisoners lay. Arake looked away as soon as the guards led him and his father to a dark, rusty cell. It was pitch black inside.

"Here she is your majesty," the guard bowed. "Just be careful. I found she has weapons."

"Weapons?" The guard nodded.

"Don't worry, I took them from her." The guard banged on one of the bars.

"Hey girl. The king wishes to see you." No answer. "I'll be back. You just have to wait for her," he said. Arake and the king stood there staring into the cell. Suddenly a hooded figure came into the light. Arake stared at her, trying to glimpse a part of her face. All he saw was her lips.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"Why did you try to kill my father?" Arake asked her.

"I didn't," came her reply. "I was trying to warn you."

"About what?" The king spoke this time. "Or is this a lie?”

"I'm not lying," she answered quickly.

"I'm warning you that you kingdom is being threatened. By the wizard Aviel." The king shook his head.

"I've never heard of this Aviel. Who is he?"

"He's a wizard that knew Andorra and now he’s planning revenge. He wants to take over the world and he may even destroy it.” Arake glanced at his father.

“No more evil exists in this world. How can you know this? I believe this is all nonsense!” King Timothy exclaimed.

“I have met Aviel,” the girl continued. “He is real and is evil and he wants to take revenge. Some of his men are even here at your castle for I have run into one of them. He tried to capture me and that is why I was armed with a dagger. If you do not believe me then I will do all I can to convince you that you, your family, and your people are in danger.” Arake glanced at his father. He even found himself becoming convinced from the girl’s words. But could the girl be telling the truth?

“You are only a little girl,” Timothy replied. “Which is why I cannot trust you. I do not believe what you say.” Arake heard his father’s voice shake barely as he spoke.

“No evil has existed for hundreds of years and none will ever exist.” He began walking away.

“Come Arake,” he said. Arake glanced back at the girl who stood there in the dark, silent.  Then he followed his father out of the dungeon.

The End

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