Arake's punishment for playing another prank on his sister was to sit with his parents on the throne and watch everyone dance. Arake stifled a chuckle as he thought of his and Davey’s prank. He glanced at his mother, Queen Rose, and saw that she was smiling as well. She also thought it was funny.

“Dearie, it’s only a prank and no one was hurt,” she was saying to his father, King Timothy.

The ballroom was full of people mingling and dancing. Arake waved at Davey who stood by the doors to the entrance. He waved back and  Arake sighed.

"Don't slouch," his father roughly whispered. Arake obeyed. He saw a group of girls about his age who giggled when they looked at him. He rolled his eyes and looked away.

"Dear, I think we should let Arake go," said Rose.

"And pull another prank? Certainly not!" Timothy replied to his wife.

"Look around, there’s so many girls here. You know he'll be marrying soon if he finds a girl," the queen winked at Arake. Arake looked away and blushed. King Timothy glanced at Arake and answered sudden,

"Alright Arake, you can go." Queen Rose said. She was always so persuasive and had a strong personality. At once, the prince jumped up and entered the crowd of people. He headed to Davey who motioned to him with a wave of his hand. Accidently, while struggling through the crowds of people, he bumped into someone causing her to fall to the ground in front of him. At first he thought he saw a flash of silver, and then gaze fell down onto the girl. She was fixing her hood which hid her face.

"I'm so sorry." Arake bent down to help her up. But she didn't reach out.

"I can get up myself. I’m fine," she replied. Arake watched her move to her feet and walk away, again, fixing her cloak. Ignoring the incident, he noticed people staring at him with curious faces. He moved away, his face burning and reached Davey.

"What was that all about?" Davey asked stifling back a laugh.

"I just bumped into someone. That's all.

"Hey look at those girls over there. See the one with the blonde, shiny hair with the big curls?" Arake saw her. She wore a golden gown and her face was all rosy.

"Isn't she pretty?" Arake nodded.

"I think she likes me." Davey said in excitement. The girl looked in their direction and winked.

"She winked at me! See?"

"Uh, Davey, I don’t think that was for you," Arake muttered. Then he looked away and his eyes caught his mother waving him over..

"What?" Davey questioned.

“My mother is calling me,” he said and began walking away. When he reached his mother, she explained his father was feeling tired and went to the bedchamber to rest.

"Sit," she ordered. "Then we'll dance. You with me."

"Me and you?" Arake asked ghastly. He did not enjoy dancing with his mother. He felt embarrassed when others watched for she sang to the music while dancing. And her singing was terrible… Arake sat next to his mother and watched the dancing couples glide across the floor.


Silvernist snuck away from the crowd of people and remembered her encounter with the prince.

"He should look where he's going," she snarled under her breath.  She was grateful that her hood stayed on top of her head, allowing her silver hair to be stayed hidden. What would have happened if it slipped off and everyone saw it? Silvernist shook her head and erased the memory.

Silvernist looked around as she stood in the empty hall. The king was just turning a corner and headed down to pair large doors with rose carvings that decorated it on the bottom and top. Silvernist watched him closely and guessed that it was his bedroom.

The king reached them and disappeared inside. This was her chance. Though before she could move, a large, gloved hand covered her mouth and she found herself being dragged away.

Silvernist glimpsed at the face of her captor but she couldn’t recognize him. He wasn’t a castle guard for he was dressed in all black, and he wore a cloth around his mouth as a mask. She wriggled and struggled to get out of the man's grasp.

"Stop it, you witch!" The man growled and drew her tighter against him. Silvernist remembered her dagger under her cloak so she used one of her hands that were free so she could grab it. After she managed to fully grip it in her hand, she shifted the blade up so it was facing one of his arms. Silvernist had never killed a man before and she didn't want to. If this was part of saving the world, she'd have to.

Silvernist raised the weapon and stabbed the man's arm. He yelped and lost his grip just after she stomped on his foot. Silvernist ran back down the hall where they came from and headed toward the King’s Quarters. She could hear her captor grunting , and yelling “you witch!” but he wasn't coming after her. Well, she didn't kill him but wounded him badly.

Silvernist reached the King’s chamber and she stared at the doors that towered above her. She gently pushed one of the doors open and stepped inside. She peeked inside the dark room. It wasn’t fully dark for the window’s curtains were pulled apart and the moonlight shone through. She searched the room until she could barely see the dark shape of a bed. There, lied the king of Zilda resting peacefully. The witch fixed her cloak and walked slowly toward the king's bed. Suddenly the doors opened behind her causing the witch to jump in fright. In came the king's wife. Oh no. She thought and froze where she was, not releasing a single breath.

The Queen halted and stared at Silvernist in fright. She gasped and cried aloud,

"Guards!" The queen's glare moved down. Silvernist remembered that the bloody dagger was still in her hand.

"Murderer!" The queen screamed. It’s a mistake! Silvernist thought.

"No, please!" She tried to face the queen but she moved away.

"I'm not trying to murder--!" The castle guards rushed in, holding swords in their hands. The king was awake now and asking what was going on.

"Sieze her!" Silvernist tried to run from the guards but they grabbed her.

"Your mistakened!" Silvernist cried as she was being taken away from the room.

“No! Please! Let me go! I was only trying to-“ One of the guards tightened his grip on her arm and she flinched. She glanced back at the bedroom and as she was being dragged away, she thought. I was only trying to warn him.



Arake and everyone in the ballroom froze when they heard the queen's cries that sounded throughout the room.

"What was that?" Arake wondered. Davey was standing beside him.

"It Sounded like your mother."  Davey said to him. Arake ran out of the room and made his way to his parent's bed chamber. They were sitting on their bed talking with a group of guards surrounding them.

"What happened?" Arake asked worriedly. His mother looked at him.

"Your father was almost killed."

"By who?"

"I don't know. She was wearing a cloak so we couldn't see her face." Arake thought of the hooded girl he bumped into. Why would a girl try to murder his father?

"Where is she now?" he asked.

"Being locked up in the dungeon. Good riddance," the king replied. Arake turned to his mother.

"Are you sure she was trying to kill him?"

"Well, she had a dagger. Why else?" His mother replied and rubbed her hand on her husband’s arms to comfort him.

The End

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