The Castle

The town was alive, bright and was full of wandering villagers who stopped at markets or in the middle of the streets to chat with each other.  The markets were large, decorated with red cloth and full of different kinds of things such as food or jewelry.

Silvernist walked through the village unnoticed by the villagers. She tightened her cloak securely around her and weaved her way through groups of huddled people. The dirt road was packed with people that she kept knocking into them accidently.

"Watch it girl!" One man yelled as they ran into each other face to face. Silvernist flinched and then stared up at him and apologized. Once he moved away, she moved her eyes up the dirt road until they rested upon castle. She gaped at it once again, taking in its beautiful structure and tall towers. She had a plan of how to get inside but before she continued, two women caught her attention.

"The prince's birthday is today and there’s going to be a ball! Are you attending?" The plump woman asked.

"Of course I am! How old is the prince this year?" The other replied.

“Oh…. I think Sixteen…” Silvernist looked away and began walking toward the gates that were built in front of the castle. It was the prince's birthday! This would make everything easier for her.  Her chance to speak with the king would be open since there would be a ball.

She came upon the gates and looked at the guards who stood there guarding the gate with swords at their belts. Silvernist snuck to one side of the large gate next to the brick wall and hid behind some large burrows. She made sure no one was watching her and then she closed her eyes, imagining her whole body disappearing. Once it did, she stood up and easily walked right past the guards.

The night grew darker when Silvernist reached the castle. The sun began setting and a thousand lights started appearing from homes and the castle like the stars just coming into view beyond the fading blue veil above. The large castle doors waited for her and behind her, women and men were arriving dressed in well-made dresses and coats.

Silvernist paused and sighed. She considered maybe even being dressed up for the party. She ran into a grass field where there was a large tree and hid behind it. She closed her eyes and her body reappeared. She slid her hands on both of her arms to make sure she was in flesh and then closed her eyes once more. She began to whisper a spell where only she could hear herself. As she spoke, the words stimulated her, causing her to develop a cold feeling run throughout her body. Her power overwhelmed her.

“Oh power within, my strongest point, create what I desire, in which now I appoint.”

All of the sudden, she sensed a bright magic surround her body and then disappear within seconds. She opened her eyes and smiled in pleasure to see herself wearing a silver, glossy gown that reached just above her ankles. Along the neckline of her dress, were small, circular sapphires. Silvernist followed them with her finger, feeling their rough surfaces rub against her skin. Her eyes glittered in delight and she smiled.

 Then taking her hair in her hands, she stuffed it beneath her cloak and raised the hood over her head.

Soon after, Silvernist followed the crowd of people into the castle through tall, brown wooden doors that were already open for all to open. Two guards dressed in red fancy uniforms decorated with gold threads, stood at each side, welcoming the villagers. As she walked in, her dress swished as she walked and she kept her face low and hidden. She peeked out of the corners of her eyes and gazed at the shiny, white marble floor and pillars. She stopped when she reached the ballroom entrance and she gazed on in wonder at all the decorations and chandeliers that hung from the ceiling. There were large, tall glass windows all around the room with red curtains pulled aside with ribbons and along the sides of the room were, serving tables filled with food and drinks for the people to consume. Silvernist couldn’t help but have her eyes linger on in amazement and hold her breath. But soon she released it as many more crowds of people entered and she began to follow them, vanishing within them.
Outside the castle, as the two strong, armed guards stood watch in front of the gates, neither of them saw a dark shadow hide behind a tree nearby. Suddenly an arrow was released and struck one of the guards. The other was shot too and both of them fell to the ground and a group of men with weapons jumped out.

They burst through the gate and started running to the castle.


Meanwhile Aviel was standing in his chamber, watching the whole scene through a cloud of red, magical dust he was holding. He watched as his men sneak around the castle. He smirked. It had been four days since Silvernist ran away but he had been watching her the whole time from when she escaped and to when saw her enter the castle. It was that idiot prince's birthday tonight and since there was a ball, the guards had been led to the map. They could easily get to it because of Silvernist.  If he could just catch her and retrieve the map, then his plan to take the black opal would be complete.

Though it wouldn’t be easy

The End

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