Chapter Two

Arake leaned back in his seat and signed in boredom. He listened to his teacher, Sir Lorando talking about writing and presenting speeches.

"So you want your writing to be neat, put in organized position. This goes for your speeches as well. Everything should flow together...." Arake rolled his eyes. He hated writing and everything else that required thinking and figuring out. He wished he could skip them and play with his friend Davey. Davey was a young knight, two years older than he was, who helped guard at the palace. Both of them were rough boys who got into a lot of mischief. Once, they meant to put too much spices in his sister's food, but instead it ended up in his father's. His father was in rage once he had his first bite.

Arake had dazed off during his lesson in thoughts. His only favorite thing to learn about was history; especially about Danielle, Samuel and Herman; Heroes of long ago who saved Zilda from Andorra's grasp.

"Arake? Prince Arake? Are you listening?" Sir Lorando asked. Arake turned his attention to his teacher

"Yes, sir." He could see in the man's eyes that he did not believe him.

"Well, your studies are over, you may leave." Arake nodded; relieved he could get out of there.

“Oh, there is a small test tomorrow,” Sir Lorando told him. Arake stared at him in disbelief and then he left the room, Lorando's grayish eyes followed him. He barely had any hair but Arake could tell it was blonde. He learned about him about two weeks before. The poor teacher had lost his wife years ago who was very beautiful but she was accused of being a thief and was hanged; for what reason Arake did not know for that was all he heard.

Arake rushed through the corridors of the castle. He had to meet Davey down by the stables to plan for their next trick on his sister, Ariana. He stopped by his bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes. Then he raced out of the castle toward the stables and saw Davey waiting for him in the doorway.

"Davey!" Arake reached his best friend. His blonde hair waved in the wind and he stood folding his arms. He was smiling.

"Happy Birthday, Arake," he said.

"Ohhh!" Arake ran his hands through his dark hair. "I completely forgot!" They both walked into the stables and Davey gave him a hard pat on the back.

"Sixteen winters.." Arake stopped and started to pet a light brown mare.

"You shall face your father in a tournament then?” Davey asked.

"Oh yes, I'm anxious for that. If I am as good as father then hopefully I’ll be able to fight with father in some battles. Risenife isn't cooperating with trade." They've been in trade with Risenife for years. The kingdom was incredibly far from them, beyond Zelda and across the sea so there were problems brewing between them such as hold up on supplies and recourses.  It was the oldest and the first kingdom to ever be built in history. Arake continued to pet the mare and looked to Davey.

“But you know your father… He wants to keep peace with other kingdoms and does not want war,” Davey Replied and Arake nodded.

“I know… It would be an adventure though don’t you think?” Arake asked. He was a rambunctious prince who yearned for action, adventure and sword fighting.

“It certainly would- Well I have a trick in mind for Ariana..”

 After Davey told Arake their plan, they burst out laughing and went back into the castle to begin their prank.

"Go Arake," Davey whispered. The Two friends waited behind a wall waiting for Arake's sister to leave. Ariana was just stepping out of her bedroom as Davey poked Arake but he held up his hand to tell him to wait a little bit more. Ariana then disappeared down the hall.

"Let’s go!" Davey said. Arake and him got up and moved toward the door. They opened it and walked in. The room was big and had long pink drapes hanging down in front of each of the windows. They both scrambled to Ariana's desk that was located on the right side of the room behind a pink couch and opened a drawer. Inside were three, light pink, glittering combs. Davey picked them up before Arake and smiled.

Not long after, they hid when Ariana returned. She was going to use her combs but realized the combs were missing their teeth and she squealed in fright and ran out of the room.

"Mother, Father!" Her high pitched voice screamed. Arake and Davey laughed to their hearts conent.

The End

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