The Kingdom Of Zilda

The next day Aviel stood  in his chamber and growled as he glared at the bare wall that was supposed to hold his sword and dagger. His special sword! How could she have taken it? Aviel called for his knights and they burst into the room. One of them, the main leader of the group stood before him.

"I want you to find Silvernist and bring her back to me," He ordered. The leader nodded and he turned and led the soldiers out of the chamber. Aviel watched them with narrowed eyes. He would find that silver witch. Whatever the cost.


Silvernist traveled for about two days, being only twelve years old, it was luck that she survived so far. Her legs ached as she climbed up and down the steep mountains. One time, rocks beneath her rolled and she almost fell along with them. At least she caught herself and didn't go plundering into the sharp rocks below.

Being tired of heat and exhaustion she went on constantly stopping for water and rest. She knew Aviel would look for her but she didn’t think too much about it. She could probably get rid of his knights one by one with her magic. Most of the time, she just kept her mind on warning the king. After a week, she came to the woods. Armed with a sword and dagger she felt protected. If any wild, ferocious creatures approached her, she would be able to protect herself.

Silvernist strolled nervously through the forest. Along the way, she saw a bear feeding on a poor unicorn and held back a screech. Silvernist kept back, hiding in a large bush, until the bear left. Later, when it started to rain, she found a cave and built a small fire. She slept there until morning and then hunted for any poor helpless creatures that would be easy to catch and eat. The ground was muddy below her when she walked and she growled when her foot got stuck in a big puddle of mud.

"Ah! How unlucky..." She exclaimed. Within minutes, Silvernist managed to get out of the mud and continued her journey. A few days later, she found herself staring at the tree tops and saw a white tower poking out from behind them. She made her way through some bushes and trees and gasped. Before her was the beautiful kingdom of Zilda.


The End

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