That night Silvernist dreamed.

A beautiful woman with long wavy red hair and deep blue eyes was being led by two guards to a large gallow where a long rope hung down with a loop at the bottom. The woman stood in front of it with her hands tied behind her back. Her face was sad, and her eyes full of sorrow. A knight then took the rope and looped it around the woman's slender neck. It suddenly showed the soldier's gloved hand on a wooden lever and he pulled it.

Silvernist woke, sweating. In the dream she had no idea who the woman was. But she certainly knew what was happening. It was just a dream… she thought. Silvernist slumped onto her bed. Her head was spinning. The scene where the soldier pulled the lever appeared in her mind and again and she shook her head. She closed her eyes and eventually forgot the dream and slipped into a deep sleep once again.


The next morning came and a part of Silvernist was that she was actually excited for this training but she reminded herself she wouldn’t help Aviel. She knew that what he was planning would only bring the world to destruction and sadness to himself. Although she came to Aviel, she learned a part of who she was. A Silver Witch. A girl with magical powers.  When she went to train with Aviel, he told her that she would practice going invisible which was one of her powers.

As they stood there in the middle of the chamber, Silvernist's eyes were shut tight. She imagined of all her bones, flesh, and skin disappearing. Suddenly the same cold feeling rushed through her body and when she opened one eye, she saw Aviel's eyes wandering. Was she invisible? She looked down at herself but couldn't find her body. She held her hands in front of her face and she couldn't see them. She was invisible.

"Sire," she said. Aviel turned to her direction. "It worked." Silvernist made herself turn back.

"This power will be a great strength for both of us to retrieve the black opal so let's see what else you can do.” Silvernist dropped her eyes. Still, she couldn't help this wizard.

"I can't. I can’t help you." Aviel swirled around.

"You can't say that. I need that map and that opal." No, you want it. Silvernist thought. He walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

"I’ve seen your past. Help me and we both could conquer this world together." Silvernist looked into his eyes but looked away. "I’ve seen your past…" She was not sure how he knew and his words of conquering the world together repeated in her mind.  I’ll have to run away… she thought to herself as Aviel read from the same large book as he was yesterday the day before.

"Acid orb, The ability to generate an acid ball," Aviel told told Silvernist. She thought. Generate acid? An acid ball? Silvernist walked a ways from the wizard and closed her eyes. She put her hands in front of her, rounded them so they formed a bowl like structure and she whispered,

"Acid orb." She spoke and felt a cool feeling run throughout her body. Then she opened her eyes halfway to find a shimmering, silver ball floating in her hands. It was captivating for both of them to watch the liquidly surface of the orb ripple and rotated around about while it gave off a small amount of light. She felt like she was beginning to take control of it but she gasped when it flew out of her hands and crashed into Aviel's table causing a blinding light appear and the books to fly off and fall onto the floor.

Silvernist shielded her eyes against the light and when she opened them, she saw a puddle of silver sizzling liquid. She glanced at Aviel and saw him staring at it in awe. She was in trouble.

"Sire! I didn't mean t-." Aviel walked over to the puddle and stared down at it. Then he turned back to Silvernist and exclaimed,

"No, no it’s fine…. This is amazing! Your magic is wondrous! Soon I will be unbeatable!" Silvernist watched Aviel walked toward her and rest his hand on her shoulder. She looked up into his  dark brown eyes. She could tell by them that Aviel was serious about achieving the black opal and using it to attack Zilda and Zelda.  

"We will be the most powerful beings in the world... Silvernist," he said to her. They stared at each other for a moment and Aviel moved his hand from her shoulder.

"Let's continue," he told her.

The End

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