Silvernist's Task

Silvernist was sent back to her room. It grew dark outside though it was always dark in the castle. Silvernist sat on her bed staring out into the night. She jumped when there was a knock at her door.

"Supper," a maid called.

"Come in," Silvernist replied. Her stomach growled. She was starving! The plump maid walked in holding a tray with cooked chicken and bread with also a glass of warm water. Silvernist ate speedily not noticing the maid watching her. She slowed down and met the maid’s eyes.

"Is there something else you want?" Silvernist asked starting to feel uncomfortable.

"He gave one of those to you too." Silvernist tried to figure out what the lady was speaking about. She looked more closely at her. The maid had short poufy brown hair and big blue eyes. She noticed a long scar running along her cheekbone.

"Oh." The woman nodded.

"Aviel became angry with me making a small mistake. So he gave me this." Silvernist touched her own cheek softly. She felt the blade's touch where it got her. The bleeding had stopped but it dried and there was now a red lumpy scab.

"So-- how is Aviel going to destroy-."

"Zilda and Zelda?" The maid cut in. "He wants you to retrieve a black opal from the Volcano of Synra."

"Black opal?"

"The black opal is a very powerful stone that can destroy any magic whether it be good or evil. If Aviel gets his hands on it, this whole world is doomed." They stared at each other for a moment.

“So then why does he need me?” She questioned.

“He needs you to retrieve the opal for him since you’re the only one the silver dragon will hand the opal over to.” Silvernist thought for a moment. Why did she have to get caught up in Aviel’s evil plans? To destroy the world? Silvernist continued eating and when she finished the maid took it away and left. The girl sat in the dark before lying in bed.

It felt different to be sleeping in a different place, especially in a place she was afraid of and full of people she didn't know. She closed her eyes and thoughts came into her mind. Would she really help Aviel? She shook her head. No... I won't. She thought. 

Her eyes closed and she slept.

Aviel's plan was working out fine. He just hoped the little girl would cooperate with him. After testing her magic, he'd send her on her journey to the Valcano of Synra. Aviel knew it would be a dangerous journey for a girl who was twelve but he had a group of soldiers that would go with her. Aviel looked out an arched window and stared out into the night. Then something hit him.  He had no map and that meant he had no idea where the Volcano of Synra was located. There was one map that was locked away for generations that held the location for the Black Opal. It was hidden in the Kingdom of Zilda. Forever forgotten and preventing it from falling into the wrong hands. Aviel became deep in thought. Somehow he would have to retrieve the map…

The End

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