Silver Witch

When Aviel returned to his chamber, he rejoiced. He found a Silver Witch at the right time and he did not even have to search for her. The next morning, Aviel had ordered some new dresses to be taken up to Silvernist an older maid collected them together in her arms and entered Silvernist’s room to give them to her.

Silvernist slept for about an hour and woke up to see the maid enter her room. She took the dresses from the maid who left after and scanned al l of them. But she had a hard time deciding which one to wear. Not one of them was pretty. They were all a dull color either brown of black and the material was tough. She sighed, picked one and slipped it on. She groaned when she started to itch.

“Great,” She complained.

“Excuse me miss, Master Aviel wants to see you,” the maid who came before spoke through the door.

“Alright,” she replied.

Silvernist walked out of her room and walked down the stairs and until she came to the bottom, she roamed through fire lit halls until she came upon a skinny wooden door. She opened it and entered into Aviel’s chamber. She found him reading a large book in the middle of the room in a wooden, rocking chair. 

“Shut the door,” he said. She obeyed. Aviel stood up with a sly smile and stood there looking at her. Silvernist stood awkwardly under Aviel’s gaze.

“Now let’s see your magic,” he said, finally breaking the silence. Silvernist looked at him strangely.

“Magic?” She asked. Why in the world did he think that she had magic?

“Yes your magic. You’re a Silver witch,” he replied harshly. He stepped closer. A Silver Witch. What is a Silver Witch? Silvernist wondered. Is that what I am?

“Now close your eyes and think of your magic.” SIlvernist wasn’t sure about anything but did it anyway. It won’t hurt to know… She shut her eyes tightly and breathed deeply, thinking of her magic; If she had any.

Aviel watched her, waiting for anything to happen or appear. Suddenly silver mist appeared out of nowhere and floated around the girl. Magic. It went on for a while and Aviel stood there in amazement watching the mist swirl all around giving off a cold feeling. It all then slowly disappeared and Silvernist’s eyes fluttered open. She had been holding her breath the whole time and was breathing heavily.

“Magnificent!” The wizard exclaimed and ran to the bookshelves. SIlvernist watched him. When all that mist floated around her, she felt calm. It felt as if something freshly cold was moving throughout her body making it parts of her freeze. It was a kind of feeling that felt--- well-- magical.

Aviel turned back to face her holding a great big book. She wondered what it was. Silvernist stepped forward and she then heard him murmur some words.

Aviel needed to learn more information on a silver witches’ power so right now in his hands, he held another book of witches. He turned to a page that said SILVERWITCH. 

A silver witch is incredibly powerful, although she can carry the black opal and stand against its powers, she cannot destroy the opal’s powers. A silver witch has great powers. She can create acids that dissolve anything, call upon the winds,has the ability to turn invisible, and can learn almost every spell there is. No evil except the Black Opal's powers can stand against the Silverwitch's magic.

That was all he read and turned around to see Silvernist waiting for him.

“Aviel,” she said.

“What,” he replied.

“I have no idea what’s going on. Why am I doing this?” Aviel sighed and explained.

“You are to help me destroy the kingdoms Zilda and Zelda and… all of the other kingdoms.” Silvernist tilt her head down a bit. Help Aviel destroy all of the kingdoms in their world? She would not…

“I will take no part of evil.” SIlvernist replied firmly. The wizard’s eyes narrowed and he walked toward her.

“You will. I will make sure of that.” Silvernist shook her head again.

“I won’t help you.” 

“You can’t refuse me,” Aviel growled. She saw the blade of the dagger in the wizard’s hand. Everything happened so fast before Silvernist could even blink. His dagger slashed the girls cheek and she cried. Blood now dripped down from the long cut that was carved into her jaw.

“Now, will you do as I say?” Aviel questioned. Silvernist nodded and gave in. 

Hot tears welled up in her eyes as she touched her cut and looked at the blood that oozed down her fingers. What do I do? She thought. Aviel would force her to join him in his evil plans.

The End

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