Chapter One Part 2

Silvernist was shoved hard into her bedroom by Aviel’s big hands. Once she landed on the ground on her side, she turned to see Aviel closing the large, heavy metal door.

“I will send another maid to tend to you so for now, sleep.”  The door closed and Silvernist stood up and stared at the door. Not very long ago had she snuck into the necropolis and  was roaming inside, until she came across a kitchen where there were a few maids cooking food and talking about Aviel; a wizard who lived in the necropolis for over a hundred years and who had known Andorra. Silvernist became interested wanted to meet this wizard so she decided to pose as a maid. At first she was to tell her master his breakfast was ready but Instead, he acted strangely telling her that she had a task for him to do. Aviel didn’t even tell her, her task. And what did he mean by training? She began searching her room that was mainly dark and cold although there were torches that were lit vibrantly around her bed and along the walls. Then she walked over to the side of her bed and fell back on top of it, staring at the black ceiling.

Silvernist thought of everything that happened up until now. Her grandmother told her that her mother and father died when was she was a baby so her grandmother raised her. Her life was incredibly hard and full of discrimination. Her hair and eyes kept people away from her; especially Emma and Stella who was rude to her.

“How can boys not like that beautiful face?” Her grandmother would comfort her when she was being bullied and teased. Her grandmother always made her feel better when she was depressed and alone.

Silvernist doubted she even had a purpose in this life. She constantly questioned her existence and wondered, was there really something for her in this world? Was she born this way… for something important? Why was she the only one with silver hair and silver eyes?

She lay on the bed with her eyes closed. Her head began to pound and she felt exhausted from climbing down from the cliff and walking all the way here. Her body and herself needed sleep but she was afraid that when she woke up, she would be back in the village with Louisa and this would all be a dream. Silvernist relaxed and pulled the blankets over her and instantly fell asleep.

The End

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