Over a hundred years had passed since the death of Andorra and the rise of revenge to enter into the heart of the man who was always in the shadows.  A very long time ago, she had found him alone, in the forest and took him in. What did she receive after that? Death. And he wasn't going to sit there and let his enemies live.

Aviel was a wizard; hundreds of years old but looked younger, short, with a handsome face but a crooked nose and long, red hair. He also had a very short temper.

"I will get those... those enemies once and for all!" Aviel exclaimed as he entered a chamber where Andorra once studied spell books and practiced her magic. Ever since her death, Aviel had been training as well becoming stronger and stronger until the right time came when he would attack the Kingdom of Zilda. And once he succeeded and gained even more power, he would attack all the kingdoms that were left in the world.

In the middle of the chamber stood a long, wooden table covered in heavy, dusted books and along the stone wall, were countless shelves that carried millions of books. Aviel stared at them and said,

"Now, to find something that will make me to most powerful being in the world…" He walked over to the book shelves and lifted his arm to the top shelf. Every book that was in the chamber was written by magical beings. Aviel scanned the books with his finger and was meaning to grab a spell book but instead was holding a book that said,

POWERFUL THINGS                                                                                         

Aviel just barely glanced at the cover and then began to anxiously turn the pages until he came across one section that read:


"Hm."Aviel read it carefully.

The only Black Opal in this world is very powerful. When it is in the hands of a wizard, witch, or sorcerer.... they gain power from this opal. Though this opal is kept in the Volcano Of Synra, guarded by the Silver Dragon, the silver dragon will only hand it over to a Silver Witch.

“This could be useful,” he said to himself. But then he read over the part that mentioned the Silver Witch.

"A silver witch," Aviel muttered. “I never heard of one before. What is it?" He asked himself and grabbed another book called WITCHESSilver witch, silver witch... It repeated in his mind as he scanned each page.

A Silver Witch is one of the most powerful beings in the world. They have the shiniest silver eyes and silver hair. When they are twelve winters, they start to discover their identity.

"So where can I find one?" Aviel got to the next paragraph.

Silver witches are not found. They show themselves for a purpose but they don't know what purpose that is. Silver witches are also the only ones who can retrieve a black opal from the Volcano of Synra.

Aviel read the section over twice. He would need another book for more information on this and the Volcano of Synra.

"I need a Silver witch! I need that black opal!" He exclaimed but suddenly a knock sounded on the door.

"Yes?" he asked becoming annoyed.

"Your maid sire," the voice answered. Aviel faced the door. That did not sound like his regular maid. The voice was younger and sweet.

"Come in," Aviel answered. He watched suspiciously as the door opened and a small child walked in. He couldn't see her face at all for a black cloak hid her features. Her feet were also barely covered, revealing her toes.

"A new maid? Give me your name."

"Uh--- Silvernist sire," was her reply. Strange name, Aviel thought.

“What are you doing here?” He asked her.

“I… well I was traveling and found this place. I was wondering if there may be food or water here…” Aviel watched her.

"Remove your cloak," he ordered. There was a long pause.

“I wish not to sire—“ the girl replied but Aviel cut her off.

"Just do it!" His echo bounced off the walls. Aviel watched anxiously as the strange girl reached for her cloak.

As Silvernist removed her cloak, she stepped in the light. Aviel’s face turned confused. He couldn’t believe if it was his imagination or if it was real. Silvernist was wearing a brown tattered dress that only reached her knees and her hair and eyes were pure silver; shining brightly in the light. Her skin was also pale and her face was young but radiant.

Aviel was speechless. When he said he needed a silver witch, he didn’t expect to find one this fast.

“Come closer,” Aviel said. Silvernist’s eyes peered into his own as she came closer. She shivered when he touched her cheek.

“Do you know why you are here?” he asked. The girl's right eyebrow lifted. She shook her head cautiously. Aviel put his hand against her back and led her out of the chamber.

“I have a very important task for you, but first I’ll have to train you."

The End

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