Morning came and Silvernist woke up.  She stayed on the ground for a few minutes, remembering why she was in the forest. She sat up and looked around. The sun hadn’t come all the way up and the birds were just beginning to chirp. Like a sloth moving on a branch, Silvernist stood up and dusted off her ragged dress. Then she began walking through the woods, weaving through the trees and stepping over logs. The air was still cold, but once the sun came up, it would get warmer. She looked up at the sky. It seemed clear of the fog so she could tell she was getting farther from the village. Good. Although I have no idea where I’m going. Well… as long as it’s far away from this place… She thought.

After walking for two straight hours with a growling stomach, she rested on a log and looked around. She hoped she could hunt something for food or some creek would appear so she could have something to drink. Her throat was parched and swallowing was not helping it.

“It really isn’t a smart idea to wander out here without food or water…” She said and stood up and began walking once again. She noticed the sky was becoming cloudier and the air was all of the sudden more hard to breathe in. Wind also began to pick up almost blowing her hood down  but she caught and held it as the wind became more fierce. Suddenly, she began to receive dreadful feelings. These feeling she could only describe as evil. Evil. Silvernist shook her head. It was probably nothing. Only a storm approaching.

Silvernist continued walking and saw that more bushes and trees were growing in that part of the forest. She stopped before a large group of trees that had grown so close together almost making a wall with their leaves. Silvernist walked toward them and spread some of the branches apart so she could see through them. She gasped. She was standing on top of a rocky cliff that stood tall above a dark, deep valley. In the middle of the valley was built a bone-like castle with pointed towers and other mini castles connected to it. There were also tall, skinny tower like mountains with smoke leaking out from the top of them and a large gate that surrounded the castle. Silvernist continued to look on in amazement and also fear. A feeling of hatred and evil enveloped her but she became very curious that she wanted to check it out and see who lived there. Before she started to climb down the cliff, she remembered reading something out of a book that described a bone-like castle and a sky that was always dark like this. It’s a… necropolis. She thought. Then she realized where she remembered it. It was a history book she always loved when she was younger and her grandmother would always read it to her. It was about the Princess named Danielle and her battle against Andorra. This place… was where Andorra had dwelled over a hundred years ago… As described in the book this is where she built her army and lived. Silvernist’s heart thumped wildly as she slowly climbed down to small cliffs one by one. She couldn’t believe she found the Necropolis. It was even more evil looking and majestic than described in the book.

Silvernist kept glancing at it multiple times as she landed on each cliff and was getting closer to the bottom. Once she did, she landed on the dark, dirt covered ground and turned around to face the necropolis which was a couple of miles away. She stared at it in amazement but also in fright. It was a kingdom surely built by evil and she wondered anyone still dwelled in it. If anyone did, maybe there was food and water that she could ask for. Silvernist breathed in and out. There was only one way to find out; besides, where else could she go? She began walkings it and a great cold wind blew past, giving her chills that crept up her spine.  Hugging her self, Silvernist kept her eyes on the mysterious necropolis that seemed to be waiting for her arrival.


The End

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