Chapter One Part 1

 A young girl ran through the streets of the village that was covered with heavy fog and her dirt platted cloak flowed out from behind her, her hood covering her face and hair. Her village’s population was small for it seemed deserted for there was no one to be seen. The girl ran swiftly without stopping to take a breath as she ran from a big, muscled man who was screaming at her. She held a loaf of bread in her hand and immediately hid behind a building where she waited for the man to pass by. When he disappeared, she got up and continued to run.

The girl reached a rusty, old house in which boards were coming apart from the wall and the roof had at least three holes in it.  The girl stood before the door and fixed her hood so that her face wasn’t so hidden but her hair was. She walked in seeing an old, skinny woman by a fireplace cooking a soup. Startled, the woman looked at the girl standing in the doorway.

"Silvie!" She exclaimed harshly as she went over to the girl. She bent her head down so her face was inches from hers.

 "Where have you been! I expected you to be here an hour ago!" The girl held a firm expression on her face as she stared at the lady’s wrinkly, dirty old face. The lady’s gray eyes bore into hers.

"It was very foggy out there ma'am," she replied. The lady scowled and snatched the bread out of the girl's hands.

"Honestly," she muttered. Silvernist watched her guardian dump the bread carelessly into the soup. She just stood there watching her guardian stir the soup until a chuckle came from a room nearby and she looked to where she saw her two "friends" walk in. One had short, tangled black hair, brown eyes and the other had long blonde curly hair and blue eyes. They were Emma and Stella.

"It seems Sil-ver-nist got in trouble again," Emma sneered as they came closer to her. Silvernist shrieked when she pulled her hood down forcefully. She hated when people did that for a peek at her hair.

"Silly hair, isn't it Stella," Emma said wiping a piece of hair from her face. “It’s so… out of this world! So ugly.”  Silvernist watched them walk around her and she clenched her fists with anger boiling inside of her.

“You kind of girl don’t belong here,” Stella said. “You’re poor grandmother must have been so happy to leave this world so she could be away from you. She must have been so ashamed to have you around her all the time…”

"Stop it!" She cried and slapped Stella’s cheek so hard it became red. Everyone stood still in awkward silence as Silvernist glared at them. Suddenly Silvernist ran out of the home. She wished she had never heard the laughs of those girls or have seen their beautiful, smirking faces.  This village was full of selfish, poor people. Her guardian, Louisa, forced her to steal food from others which she had been doing earlier. It felt so wrong that she wanted to die. But Louisa had threatened to kick her out from their home if she did not.

Silvernist wiped a tear from her cheek. She grew to hate her hair and her eyes which brought her much pain and loneliness. Why couldn’t she have been normal?

She ran out of the foggy village until she came upon the dark forests and stopped to look over her shoulder. The village lingered there, dark and mysterious and abandoned. Only for about three seconds, she stared at it through, tears then turned away from it and entered the dark woods.  Although all around her were dark trees that gave off an eerie aura, she didn’t notice. She was running away from the village. She had no idea where, but she only wanted to be far away from the village where she would never see Emma or Stella or Louisa ever again.

As Silvernist walked through the trees, Stella’s and Emma’s smirking faces appeared in her mind again. She felt she wanted to take them and get them all dirty so they weren’t pretty anymore. She was still angry about what they were saying about her dead grandmother. Silvernist stopped next to a tree and hit the trunk as hard as she could. She flinched and rubbed her hand. Tears dripped from her eyes and landed on her palm. Her heart ached. Her grandmother did love her. While she lay on her deathbed, she told her so. Her grandmother’s smiling face appeared in her mind as she looked weak and pale.

“I love you Silvie…. I want you to know that… and I forever will…” Silvernist knelt next to the bed with tears slipping down her cheeks. The next moment, her grandmother’s eyes closed and the breath disappeared from her body. After that, Silvernist was taken in by Louisa and lived with her for two years.

Silvernist sat down on the ground against the tree and hugged her knees to her chest while burying her face in her arms. She cried harder. Until all the tears ran dry and she leaned her head back against the trunk. She was calming down a bit but her heart still hurt and she was beginning to get a headache. She was hungry as well for her stomach was making noises. She hugged it.

“I need food. I’m so stupid…” she said to herself and looked around. It was growing darker every minute. She left the village without even thinking about food and where she would go. The stars had already started to appear and the sky was now black. She sighed and lay on the ground where there was dirt and loose leaves that fell from the trees. While watching the stars, the air became chilly and she hugged herself. Then she closed her eyes and waited for sleep to carry her away from the world.


The End

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