I am editing this story because on the other one I didn't do so well so I hope you like it! I would like some comments :) (Sequel to The Prophecy)

The furious will be unleashed, the masked will be unmasked, for those who are chosen will rise against the darkness that draws nigh
Till the end will they fight endlessly

It had been three years since the war with Andorra and the Kingdom of Zilda lived in peace and so did Zelda. A big change took part in who would be the next rulers of Zilda; Samuel had fallen in love with Danielle and married her instead of Ella.  Both Ella and Samuel realized they didn’t truly love each other after all and had fallen for someone else. Once Samuel and Danielle married, Ella asked her father if she could marry Cynric for he was the one she loved. Even though Ella would have never ruled any other kingdom, she was happy being with Cynric and they lived happily in the castle with their families…. . Herman had left the kingdom to start a new life and travel the world by himself. But he said he would return and visit them sometime in the future. Alec whom had come back to Zilda with them studied to become a doctor and help those in need of healing… Everyone lived happily…. And Danielle and Samuel had started a family of their own…


Danielle woke up to the sound of a baby’s cry which sounded about a few feet from her and Samuel’s bed. Danielle yawned and quickly removed the blankets from off of her and walked toward a light pink cradle which had small blankets dangling on each side.  Inside the cradle, was a sobbing, one year old baby with light blonde hair and clear green eyes. Danielle smiled tiredly at her baby and she leaned over to scoop him up in her arms. He felt light as she held him there while standing next to the cradle. While moving him up and down slightly, she spoke to him gently,

“Stop crying, stop crying, it’s alright. Momma’s here.” She repeated it over and over again but he wouldn’t stop crying.  A minute later, Danielle became irritated. She hated it when her baby cried all the time.  She was just about to call a maid to come take the baby but she heard Samuel awaken.

“Danielle, just come back to bed and bring Sabriel with you,” Samuel told her.

“Are you sure?” Danielle asked him. She never had Sabriel sleep with them before.

“Yes. Now come on.” Danielle walked back to the bed and laid Sabriel in between them. Then she lay down and lifted the covers over them. Sabriel continued to cry.

“Sabriel,” Samuel said looking at the baby and touching his cheeks. “Come on, stop crying now.” Danielle watched him speak to their baby and put his hand on his stomach.

“He must have had a bad dream,” Samuel said. Danielle nodded. She put her hand on Samuel’s and they both spoke to Sabriel in soothing voices.  Soon, Sabriel began to quiet down and then fall back to sleep. Danielle smiled and then looked at Samuel.

“You’re pretty good at this aren’t you?” She asked him. Samuel smiled back.

“We both are,” Samuel replied. They smiled at each other for a moment until Samuel reached over and pressed his lips against hers. It was a small sweet kiss and when he pulled away, they both laid back down. Danielle looked at the dark ceiling and wondered.

“Can you believe it’s been three years since the battle against Andorra?” She asked Samuel. “We went through so much together and look where we are now.”

“Yeah… I know…. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long…” He replied tiredly.

“I’m going to miss Herman,” Danielle also said.  Samuel nodded.  Danielle glanced over at him even though it was too dark to see his face.

“You’re tired. I’ll let you sleep,” she said.

“Mmhmm.” Danielle smiled and then reached over and poked his cheek playfully.

“Hey, I’m really not in the mood. I’m tired.” Danielle laughed quietly. She wasn’t tired any more but she closed her eyes anyway and tried to sleep.  But she couldn’t. Instead she found herself in a pure, white, spotless realm.  Danielle looked around expecting to see the mysterious woman again and she did. She stood in front of her with her white hair flowing and her same eyes that were a deep violet.

“Mystra?” Danielle asked her remembering the voices in her head telling her to use Mystra’s power while battling Andorra. The woman nodded and spoke,

“Danielle, I have come to tell you of your next duty as a chosen one…” Danielle stared at her. There was more for her to do? Was this part of the prophecy? What else was next?

“Yes?” Danielle questioned.

“Your next duty will be far into the future, passing many generations and where there will be a greater evil that will arise to destroy the world. Your role is to guide and protect a certain magical being to me. This being will either save the world or allow it to be destroyed. I need you to help her make that decision.”

Danielle gaped at her. After so many generations?  She wouldn’t be alive then!

“But… how?”

“You will know,” Mystra replied.  “Years after your death, you will be summoned.” Danielle stared at her, speechless.

“That is all now,” Mystra said and began to disappear.

“Wait! I want to know who you are!” She exclaimed but the whole white realm faded away and she found herself back in her dark bedroom. Mystra appeared in her mind and Danielle wondered who she could possibly be. Danielle closed her eyes. Well maybe, when I die, I will know. I just have to live normally until then. She thought. Then she remembered Mystra’s mention of a magical being and she wondered who or what it could possibly be. A Witch? A wizard? Or is it a creature? Danielle soon became tired from thinking and with that… she fell asleep.

The End

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