Chapter 3Mature

After locking the door  behind her, Alice stopped to look around. They lived in a relatively quiet neighbourhood so she wasn’t surprised to see it as it has always been - quiet. But still, she felt unnerved and her hold onto her metal bat tightened. She decided to run to Sarah’s house first. Sarah, being the daughter of a fairly rich father had a big house. 

Looking around once more, Alice ran down the empty street noticing the abandoned cars on the sides of the sidewalk and their busted up conditions. Did everything really change that quickly in just seven hours? As she was running Alice saw a group of five running in the opposite direction. They seemed to be being chased by something or someone. ‘Wonder what they are running from…’ Alice wondered as she ran but soon her question was answered. 

The same thing she saw in her house was chasing them. Alice’s eyes widened in fear and she hid behind an abandoned car. After roughly about ten minutes, Alice peeked from behind the car and seeing that the cost was clear came out of her hiding space. ‘Gotta hurry!!’ thought Alice as she continued running to Sarah’s house, climbing over some cars in the middle of the path. Finally, she reached the two story peach colored house. It was surrounded by a fence and some hedges. Alice promptly pressed the ringer button and waited impatiently for an answer.

“Who’s out there!?” came a sharp, clipped voice. Alice hesitated before answering, “U-Um Alice..K-Knight. I’m a friend of Sarah’s.” After what seemed like a couple of minutes, she entered the house. Alice stood near the door awkwardly, after all she had never met Sarah’s parents before. They were always busy on a business trip and would leave Sarah with her bodyguard. Speak of the devil, Sarah and her bodyguard approached her. Her bodyguard was of course in front of Sarah and brandishing his gun. 

While Sarah was hiding behind him before peeking from his side. “Oh! Alice! You’re okay!” She cried and ran to give Alice a hug. It felt so good to see a friendly face after what she experienced. Alice promptly burst into tears in Sarah’s arms as her friend rubbed her back and let her cry her eyes out as she said words of comfort.

“So..what are those things?” Sarah asked, they were sitting in her room and her bodyguard -Haunston, was standing in front of the door after barricading the front door of the house. Alice shrugged. “I wish I knew..but they seemed so scary a-and one of them killed my dad.” she looked down sadly remembering the sight of her father laying dead with his throat bleeding and that thing ripping chunks of him out and eating it. It was enough to give her nightmares for months!

“Regardless, it’s my job to make sure miss Archer remains safe.” Haunston spoke up, looking at both girls with a stern look before continuing. “It’s best not to go acting like detectives and getting yourselves killed. I’m sure the government must already be planning on a way to handle this situation. But for now, we should stay put.” 

Alice frowned slightly at his words feeling like she was being scolded for something she wasn’t even going to do.  “You don’t have to call me by my last name. I told you to call me Sarah, remember? Besides…me and Alice wouldn’t go out looking for trouble.” Sarah said sternly. She smiled when he sighed and agreed though she was sure he’d “forget” about her saying that and refer her by her last name.  Meanwhile, Alice took the time to look around Sarah’s room. It hadn’t changed since they were both in elementary school together. The same rose colored walls, white curtains and the polka dot rug were nostalgic.

She sighed, her mind going back to the all present question; where were her mom and Mary? Thinking of the last thing she said to her sister, she feared that she had been killed by those things. ‘I never even said goodnight to her…’ Alice was feeling terrible. Sarah noticed Alice being silent, something she never was especially at school. “Alice? Are you okay….?” she asked in a concerned voice. Alice nodded, not trusting herself to speak as her throat was clogged with unshed tears. She missed her family terribly and wanted this nightmare to end. But..despite her denial, it wouldn’t end.

“I’ll be right back ladies, please keep the door locked and don’t open it without hearing the secret answer first.” Haunston said suddenly. The three of them had decided to make a secret riddle so they wouldn’t open the door for someone meant to harm them. The girls nodded and Sarah locked the door after him. Both of them were scared and they hugged each other tightly. After a couple of minutes they heard a knock at the door causing them to jump. Alice shakingly stood up and went to the door. 

She asked the person behind the door the riddle and when they solved it correctly, she opened it. Only to be grabbed roughly by a man and pulled out the room as a second man entered and grabbed Sarah. Both girls kicked and fought but it was futile. The men put rags soaked in chlorine on their mouth and nose and the girls promptly passed out. Both men put the girls on their shoulders and escaped from the house.

Alice woke up on a cold hard floor, she sat up and tried to move her arms only for her to realize that they were tied up. ‘W-Where am I…?’ Alice thought, looking around and discovering that she was in a cell. “S-Sarah!?” she yelled, looking frantic. She then heard Sarah’s voice coming from behind the wall on her right. Suddenly, she heard footsteps coming towards the cell she was in. 

“Well well well…look who finally graced us with her presence” said a cold, sarcastic voice. Looking up, Alice saw a man standing in front of her cell. He had long black hair and cold purple eyes. His very aura was a warning to back off. She shivered in fear and backed up to the wall. He smirked as he watched her. 

“My boys sure got a good one. You’re way hotter than that little rich bitch in the next cell.” Alice glared at him, despite her fear she refused to let this guy talk so rudely about Sarah. “Shut up! Don’t you dare call my friend a little bitch! She’s not a bitch! She’s the most beautiful and kindest girl I have ever met!” Alice yelled surprising the man. He laughed before glaring right back at her. “It’s rude to talk this way to your capturer…you’re going to regret that.” he said, taking out a set of keys. 

Alice looked at the keys in mild confusion and fear. What was he going to do with them? Her unspoken question was answered when he unlocked the cell and came inside. He grabbed her roughly and dragged her out, closing the cell door behind her before leading her up the stairs. They both entered a room. Locking the door behind him, the man pushed her to the bed. 

Alice stumbled and tripped, falling onto the bed and laying there on her stomach before rolling onto her back only for him to roll her back onto her stomach and untying the ropes on her arms. She took this opportunity to fight back. She kicked at him and tried to pull her arms away as she did so. Nothing worked as the man ripped off her clothes despite her protest.

The End

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