Chapter 2Mature

“ There has been strange stories lately.” My mom says one evening. We’re all sitting on the couch watching TV, a daily ritual of ours. “Yeah, it’s so bizarre!” Mary said looking weirded out. Personally, I think it was just a lie to get us hooked on whatever was selling. I mentioned this to my family and was met with disapproving looks. 

“Alice, nobody would use people’s deaths to sell something.” Mary scolded me. “But come on! It seems so silly!” I fought back. “That’s enough girls! Alice it’s late so go to bed.” Mom said annoyed with the two of us. I sighed and gave everyone but Mary a goodnight and went up to bed, changing into my pink pajamas. “I still think it’s silly” I say before falling asleep.

I woke up with a start, unsure of what awoke me. Looking at the time I saw that it was 5:00 AM. Way too early to wake up for me, school started around 8. Getting up I noticed that the house was quiet. Too quiet in fact which was odd. My dad always falls asleep watching the TV and it’s comfortable sound always filled the big house. 

Putting on my slippers I made my way downstairs, being as quiet as I can. Reaching the end of the stairs I headed to the living room, frowning when I smelt something weird. “Dad…?” I whispered hoping he just turned off the TV and went upstairs this time. Entering the living room I stopped dead in my tracks. The TV was off but the screen is what made me halt. It was covered in something red. I started shaking and took a cautious step forward as I looked around. 

I paled and my knees wanted to give out when I took in the sight in front of me. Someone or something was kneeling over dad. I heard munching sounds and my eyes widened and I took a step back, hitting my leg on the couch. The thing turned around and I got a good look at it’s face. It’s skin was pale almost gray and it had blood all over it’s mouth, it’s hands too but the eyes are what scared me the most. The eyes looked devoid of life. 

I ran as fast as I can upstairs, I had a bat in my room and now I have been never more glad that dad brought me it. Dad…oh god that thing killed him! I had to do something before it killed mom and Mary.  The thing was following me, that was what I was certain of as I could hear it’s steps as it ran after me. I quickly slammed the door behind me, locking it and putting a chair under the knob. I had to find the bat first before I could kill that thing.

It had to be in my closet. Just had to be, I opened my closet doors and started digging around while making sure I hurry up. The thing outside my door was restless, it’s hands hitting hard on the door. Finally I grabbed hold of the cold metal handle of my orange bat. I never killed anyone though but I think that whatever outside my door is something from those apocalypse stories I read. I moved the chair from under the knob, kept myself close to the door and opened it so that I was behind the door and ready for the creature.

It ran into my room, unaware of me but searching. Taking it’s distraction I hit it hard on it’s head. It fell down only to come back up so I kept smashing it’s head in. After what felt like hours but was only 10 minutes the creature was lying and not moving on the ground with blood pooling from it’s head. I was panting from the force I used and holding onto the handle of my bat tightly. 

I wanted to be in my dad’s arms right now after he protected me from this thing. Not me killing it after it killed him.

I walked out of my room, deciding on checking mom and sis’s rooms first before collecting my stuff.  I opened Mary’s room door first while hoping she was in there. The room was quiet and her bed was empty. I walked inside and searched around noticing that some of her stuff were gone like her clothes and bag. Quickly walking out I headed to my parent’s room and opened the door. Just like Mary’s it was also missing stuff and mom wasn’t inside. “Where did they go?” I pondered aloud as I headed back to my room.

“D-Did they leave me behind…? “ I murmured as I packed some clothes like my sweater, t-shirt, jeans, boots and socks. I then walked out and headed to the bathroom to see if the first-aid kit was in there. Opening the cabinet door I let out a sigh of relief when I saw the white first aid kit sitting on the bottom shelf. I opened it to check and make sure the supplies were still inside it and was thankful to see that nothing was taken out. After putting the kit inside my bag I went downstairs and into the kitchen. 

I opened the fridge and sighed sadly when I saw last night’s leftovers. I wasn’t sure what to food to get but I put 4 bottles of water inside my bag. ‘Maybe I should get some of the canned foods we have? I saw people do that in those movies I’d watch.’ Opening a cabinet door after door I took whatever was left of our canned food. Then I wiped the blood off my bat with a kitchen towel. “I guess this is it huh. I’m going to end up leaving my own house. Maybe Sarah will let me stay with her.” I said to myself, already wanting to cry over leaving home. I grabbed the keys as a habit of mine and walked out into the October air. 

The End

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