The Last DayMature

Two friends with a mundane life getting all that turned upside down.

“Come on Alice! Wake up, you’re going to be late for school!”  Mary, my older sister, yelled. She’s in charge of having to wake me up for school. I feel really sorry for her half the time but then again she gets to wake up earlier than me. I looked over to the door and there she still stood, her face red like a tomato. “I’m up! I’m up! Man, why do you always have to be so loud in the morning?” I whined, annoyed that she woke me up from a fabulous dream. 

I guess I should introduce myself huh? My name is Alice Knight and I am a junior in high school. I’m 17 years old! My sister, Mary is turning 19 in a week. She thinks she is better than me because I happen to be in high school still. But despite her arrogance she really is a kind sister. Back in middle school I was ruthlessly bullied by a group of girls who hated me for no reason.  My sister would always run to my aid no matter what.

“Alice hurry up already! You only have 10 minutes before you are late! Get up!!” I heard my sister yell again. I hurriedly get up and run into the bathroom, brushing my teeth while brushing my hair with the other hand. ‘I’m going to be late! Ugh why didn’t she wake me up sooner!?’ I think as I put on my school uniform and grab my bag. Mary is standing next to the door holding a piece of toast with butter on it and I rush to grab it after putting on my shoes and with a quick “See you later!” I am off to my school.

I finally see the huge blue building of the school and I start running faster after noticing the clock telling me that I only have 5 minutes to get to class.  Just as I arrive into class the bell rings and thankfully my seat is the closest one to the door.  “You were almost late again weren’t you, Alice?” My friend, Sarah says during lunch. “Yeah…Mary purposely wakes me up late I swear.” I mutter with my hand on my chin. I never eat during lunch, you see my family can’t afford to get me any of the food here.  Me and Mary had to either pack one or not eat at all. Not fair!

My stomach picks the worst time to grumble and I blush looking embarrassed. “Here Alice, we can share.” says Sarah while holding up her lunch. I’ve never been more blessed than becoming friends with her. Her name is Sarah Archer. She’s the same age as me and we’ve been friends since middle school. 

“I don’t want to take away your chance to eat Sarah. I’ll be fine when I get home. Honest!”  I say trying my best to stop her from offering me any. As much as I would love to eat she still needs to eat too. “Jeez you’re always so stubborn. Come on please? Just eat some of my rice okay?”  she insists. Ugh I can’t resist her when she insists like that. “Fine! I’ll eat SOME of your rice.”  I need to build up my defense against her. Sarah has this way of making you listen to what she wants. Quite cunning for a sweet girl.

Soon the bell rings to dismiss us, I for one am glad. I cannot stand school. Sarah on the other hand loves it. Nothing makes her happier than discussing her favorite lessons. Seeing her smile is a joy I always love witnessing. Now for my favorite part of the day, going home and doing absolutely nothing but playing video games. 

“I’m home”  I say as I step inside the house and take off my shoes.  “Welcome home honey” I hear my mom say as I pass the kitchen. Yum! She’s making my favorite food ever today. Opening the door to my bedroom I leap into my bed. ‘I’m home sweet bed!’ I think as I cuddle with my pillow. “Alice honey? Wake up, it’s time for dinner.” I hear a soft voice say as they gently shake me. Groaning I open my eyes to see mom standing above me. “Okay mom..” I get up off the bed and stretch before joining my family downstairs.

The End

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