Three Months Earlier

It was the beginning of school season and the day was already hectic. Everyone was getting back together with old pals that they never got the chance to hang out with on the summer holidays, trying to get around the new school schedule and few -- most of them freshmen --signed up for extra curricular activities. 

For me, I was one of those people who stood in the middle of the hallway, waiting impatiently for my friend to arrive, because my parents always brought me early on the first day of school. I probably stood out of the crowd with my sort-of-school-uniform clothing -- white blouse and a black knife pleated skirt with glossy-black t-strapped shoes. All those were accompanied by a black silk rose hairband and tote bag. Some of the freshmen thought I was a school teacher but they could tell I was not, eventually. I was clicking on the buttons of my Alcatel One Touch Net when she had finally walked into the building.

"Hey Alexia!" She cried out, waving her left hand while she tried to run with her white d'orsay pump shoes.

When she came at a meter's distance I replied, "Hey, Georgina. Ready for today?"

"Sure," she said coherently. "Why don't we go get our books and get the hell out of here?"

"But its our first day of school. I think we should adapt to the new year and settle before we could do anything rash."

"Come on, Alexia. When did you think we were going to start living our lives? After school when we will have to go our separate ways? Be a little more spontaneous. Or are you getting cold feet? You did agree you will live your life a little more." She looked at me with her  puppy eyes expression. I could not conceal myself, making me crack a smile, which only meant one thing. 

"Sure! What the heck."

The End

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