Many live their lives as if it were their last day, but what if that was taken away from them and they had nothing else to do but live?

I was sitting in the autumn breeze, feeling the wind blow my hair with its elegance and sending a scent of lime in the atmosphere. Beside me was my friend talking about living her life to the fullest. I had never considered such a foolish way to spend my mortality, risking every moment of it with whatever came in the horizon, but from what I have been doing lately (which is having the same routine everyday and getting bored of my life as the years go by) I changed my mind almost immediately and followed her footsteps. 

Never did I think that something would ever make me want the diametrically opposed end of my decision, and wait for the last day that I would breathe lime scented air that I inhaled on that day until now. Why? you might ask?

You will soon find out...

The End

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