The Last DayMature

A biological outbreak originating in Russia spreads across the globe within weeks destroying our way of life as we currently know it.


As part of the Geneva Protocols, The Biological Convention was open for signature in 1972. In 1975, it was ratified by 22 world governments.

Even today, after repeated claims of its termination, Russia continues to ignore the convention, and maintains an extensive and seemingly deadly biological weapons program.


"Good evening, I'm Richard Klein here at CNN."

"We are following breaking news. Moments ago we received another report of Russia purportedly closing all of its borders. No one, citizen or tourist, coming or going, is allowed to pass. This, comes only days after the city of Moscow issued a global health warning for a potentially deadly flu which had already claimed the lives of 5 Russian citizens. The increased security evokes images of the check point at the Berlin wall, separating east and west, some 60 years ago.

The UN has confirmed that several areas of Moscow are now under quarantine, but the increased security is only a "precautionary measure." Though the Russian government hasn’t issued any statements at this time, sources indicate Russia is working swiftly to contain and prevent further contagion. Jackie Heras is live at the Russian border, watching the very latest for us – Jackie."

"Yes, the situation at the border is escalating, Rich. There is literally a line over a mile long in both directions coming in and out of the country. Security has been elevated, with more sentries arriving by the minute. All Russian military personnel appear to be outfitted with a type-6 biohazard visor, reinforcing the suspicion that something may be terribly wrong.

At the moment, there has been a complete media blackout from inside Russia. They refuse to let us speak to anyone on the premises, and a further look at –"

The television screen faded to black. What time is it? Ziv Roberts gazed wearily at his phone, checking the time. Four A.M. He stretched, and slowly rose from the couch. Of two things he was certain, one, he had overslept. Two, yesterday was probably his last day working at the ‘Tribune.
How could I have overslept again.

Ziv scrambled down his dimly lit hallway towards the bathroom. Fifteen minutes, in and out. This man did not like to wait. This man was not someone who he could afford to upset. It was his informant. Over the past year he had been working an incredible story about life inside the Chicago Outfit. This informant was damn well inside the Cedeno family somehow.

The two had never met, of course, but relayed through text messages over dummy phone accounts. The ongoing saga had earned the respect of the Tribune’s and several editors of other major papers. For an up and coming journalist he was doing quite well for himself. He prided himself on his ability to find a story and he did just that, call it cockiness or arrogance. Either suited him just fine.

Today they were finally meeting, and though he had realized long ago that this story could get him "iced," the reality was only now setting in. What if the meeting is just a setup? What if I’ve brought too much heat on this guy and he’s trying to kill me. Stories of such proportion have been known to stir the wrong pot. Still, Ziv grabbed his bag and the keys to his truck heading toward the door.

The End

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