Lately Ocean has been worried about Zada. He hadn't been to class in weeks, infact this whole term he had been gone. So one night Ocean was talking to her friend Lyle over the internet. Ocean acidently told Lyle that she was worried about Zada because she hadn't seen or heard from him in so long and thats he liked him. The one thing she didn't know is that Zada was with Lyle and was reading everything she said. Lyle argued with Zada to try and get him to tell Ocean that he likes her back. That failed. So Lyle told Ocean that Zada likes her alot but she didn't believe him. Lyle had a plan. He eventually convinsed her to call him so she did.

"Hey Ocean. it's Zada" He answered the phone a bit less enthusiasticly than usual.

"Uhm, hi Zada, wasn't I suppost to talk to Lyle?"

"No... He wants me to talk to you"

"Oh, uhm okay" Ocean was really confused.

"I've been reading yours and Lyle's  conversation" Ocean turned that bright pink colour again even though no one was around.

"Yeah.. I do like you Zada, I really do.... But I don't exactly believe Lyle" There was silence for a moment, then she heard Lyle telling Zada to tell her.

"He wasn't lying. I do like you Ocean. I like you alot actually...." Silence.

"Oh.. Uhm" Ocean didn't know what to say.

"Uhm, Ocean.... Do you want to go out with me?" Ocean was shocked.

"Uhm.. Yes!" She said shyly

"Alright well I'll see you in science tomorrow?"

"Your actually going to show up?"

"Yep" Zada smirked.

"Okay well I have to go. Bye Zada."

"Bye Ocean"

Right after they had hung up Ocean got yelled at for being on the phone at eleven at night. While Zada was getting questioned by Lyle. They both fell asleep with smiles on their faces that night.

The End

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