The Home Life

Ocean's life at home was a little rough lately, she was getting nagged about her grades which were mainly A's and B's. Also her sister Tina had been getting in giant wars witht their dad and had left for a few days. While over at Zada's house wasn't much better, his mom was cheating on his dad, his dad wanted to move to California but Zada didn't want to go, and they had their own sort of fights. In both lives its rough. Ocean has been yelled at lately for letting Tina into the house at five in the morning after a giant fight. After the last big fight in Ocean's house, she had left to Aubry's in the middle of it, and had come home to broken glass everywhere. There were smashed plates and glasses, evan a few knives and forks stuckin the wall. Ocean had walked down the hally way to see if Tina was alright. She was, she was perfectly fine. But she had stabbed her wall a few times though. At Ocean's house the fights had stopped but at Zada's, they had just begun. Over at Zada's he fought with his mother over the dumbest things, like vaccuming and what not. He also fought with his dad because he didn't want to go to California. He fought with his brothers and sisters in a genuine family way. The fight at Zada's didn't have broken plates or forks in the wall though. The fights at Zada's were alot calmer than the ones at Ocean's. They spent one-hundred dollars replacing the things they has broken in Ocean's house during that last fight. But now, things are normalish in both homes.

The End

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