Ocean is in grade eight and so is Zada. They both attend Faber Mont Secondary and their in science class together. Their teacher Mr. Fluzle, has made them desk partners for the year. Up until now Ocean had never met Zada. In her eyes at this moment she had no opinion on him, he was just another guy in her class that she didn't know the name of.

"Hi there, I'm Zada. Whats your name?" he said to her as they sat down. BOOM, there goes Ocean's brain, his voice was like Music to her.

"I... I .... I'm Ocean." she stuttered out slowly as if she had been struck by something. She thought; He's cute, but I'll never have a chance. Zada kind of smircked and let out a small laugh.

"Wh... what?" Ocean asked him confused and still in a dased state. He just smiled and shook his head, saying nothing in response. Then all of a sudden Ocean squeals really loudly, then laughs while going bright pink. Ocean turns to her right to find her best friend Aubry standing there with a giant smile on her face. Aubry let out a small giggle while Ocean said

"Don't tickle me, you know I squeal" as she turned a brighter shade of pink. Aubry just laughed and went to her seat while Zada sat there and thought; she's ticlish eh? Now this is going to be fun. The bell rang and the first science class of the year began. Throughout the whole entire class Ocean and Zada talked between writing down notes, and sort of getting to know each other. Ocean was kind of shy for the first few weeks, but then Zada started poking her with pencils and tickling her all the time. They slowly became friends, and they both thought it was kinda fun.

The End

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