Was he tall dark and handsome?

While he wasn't exactly tall dark and handsome,he wasn't hard on the eyes either. He had  dark brown hair,which curled on the ends and rested on his shoulders.His eyes were wide set and a brilliant blue,framed by long dark lashes,that most women would kill for.


His lips were full and firm,and his skin was sun kissed,but not overly tan.He stood a good 5'10" with a sturdy muscled frame,but the by the way he held himself,he was assured of his physique,but didn't seem over impressed.

He walked to her bedside with an easy grace and a soft smile,never taking his eyes off of her's.

She was feeling the pleasantly drowsy effects of her pain medication and her vision of the man standing before her,was bathed in a soft glow.



The End

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