Who comes to her aid

"Can you hear me? Hello....Can you remember your name? What year is it?"

The noise and the bright lights roused the mysterious lady who was tossing her head backwards and forwards trying to release the pains tight grip that it had over her body. 

She opened her eyes and was amazed to see so many people surrounding her.

"Whats going on? Where am I? I need to catch the last bus! I need to get home!"

"Its alright. Calm down.  You are in Newcastle General hospital.  You've had an accident.  We have notified your parents and they are waiting outside for you.  You were very lucky.  If it wasn't for a member of the public giving you first aid on the scene you might of............well.........you know?"

"I don't understand.  Accident? What happened? I was running for the bus and now I'm here? I can't remember!"

"I'm going to give you something to help you rest.  Your questions can wait until the morning"

She closed her eyes which made the tears run down into her ears much faster.  What on earth was going on? Maybe it was just a dream.  Yeah that was it, she would wake up and find out it was just a drunken dream.  Even with the thoughts wizzing around her mind it wasn't long before she fell asleep.  Although her last thought was I hope the person who saves me in my dream is a tall, dark, handsome man.

She was awoken by the sun shining through her window directly on to her face.  She opened her eyes and thought something was very strange about her room.  The room was very white in colour and there weren't any cuddly toys or pictures scattered around.  

It wasn't a dream after all.  I really was in an accident. 

She could feel her eyes starting to fill up, and her throat began to ache, but before she was able to produce an unhappy sigh, she was interupted by a soft, gentle, raspy voice.

"Excuse me.  Sorry to bother you but i'm the guy who gave you first aid last night.  I just popped by to see if you were ok"

The End

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