The Last BlastMature

Don't let yourself get killed by yourself.

I was laying in the rain. I lost control of my thoughts. I awoke in a city. Were the dead and the dieing lay. I still had my gun, my only friend, the last blast I'll ever hear.

"You'll never change, you sick fuck!" That's what she said to me, but the thought of her crumbled like ashes.

The thunder woke me up. I couldn't move. They were holding me down, the men. I've seen them before, when they took her away...they had pulsing red eyes, and black hair and wore their medical clothes.

"They will never find you."

"Yes they will. You're not creative enough to hide me."

That fuck injected me in the neck.

I awoke in the city of the dead and dieing, I was naked. All I could hear was my screams...but I wasn't screaming...the dead and dieing were me! Every aspect of my fucked life. The addict had needles and broken pipes shoved down his throat. The angry one had bashed in the depressed ones skull and was feasting on his heart. The happy one had gone mad, pacing slamming his head against wall with chunks of bone, skin and hair hanging off of face.

There was one on a dumpster, he had Chaos tattooed across his face. It was my side of me that loved death, destruction...chaos.

He looked at me and stretched his neck ever so slowly towards me, and gently hissed into my ear

"This is what you are you sad fuck!" as he roared in laughter, he then said "Our time is short, your injection is wearing off" He laughed once more.

I fell to my knees...this is it? This is all I am? The screaming grew louder, until I could bear it no longer. I leaped at Chaos and took him to the ground screaming " MAKE IT STOP!" He laughed and said " This is all you. This is what you are! You are the dead! You are the dieing! This is what you did to yourself, fool."

 We fumbled until he hit the brick wall, there a brick fell. I picked it up and slammed it into his head. He fell to the ground.

"I will kill Chaos, I will restore order within myself."

I struck the head. Over and over screaming, "DIE!" at the top of my lungs. After I wore myself out I looked to see what I had done to myself. The only thing that fell out of his head was my gun...I grinned, and picked it up.

"I can't take this anymore..."

I cocked the gun, put it to my temple and pulled the trigger.

As I fell to the ground, I saw all the aspects of my life the addict, depression, anger, and chaos,  rise, and crumble into dust. The bright light felt warm against my body.

"The last blast, and I'm finely free."

The End

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