Mark walked out of the cave he proudly called his home and into the rising sun.  He took a deep breath, letting the smells of the forest below linger up into his nostrils.  His wings stretched to their full 14 and a half foot wing span.  His wings were brown with splashes of white.  The suns light reflected off his feathers.

His stomach growled monstrously, and he searched his cave.  There was no food inside, so he'd have to go out and get it.  "Well then, I needed to stretch my wings anyway," he thought.  A lone red-tailed hawk landed beside him and began to groom it's feathers.  Mark was very fluent in speaking certain animal's languages.

"Well hello there," he greeted the small winged creature.  The creature looked at him with intense eyes.

"Hello, who are you?   What species are you?"  The hawk asked.  His voice was steady and strong.

"My name is Mark.  I am a winged human, I was about to go for a quick fly.  Do you want to join me?"  Mark asked politely.  

"I'd love to go for a fly."  The bird replied.  "Let us go now."

"Very well."  Mark said and hurled him-self from the edge of the his cave.  Wings tucked in, the hawk right behind him.  His wings unfurled and he soared up-ward followed by his new little friend.  Mark knew that the hawk was looking for a small animal on the forest floor to catch and eat, Mark was simply looking for some fruits.

"There's a mouse down there," the hawk said.

"Go for it," Mark said.  Using his own raptor vision to see the mouse, and a thing of strawberries on a bush close to it.  They both dived and opened their wings right before they hit the ground making them swoop up and land easily to their feet/talons.  Mark had made a new friend.  And as he reached for a strawberry a sound filled the air.

"Flee my little friend," Mark ordered as the sound got louder.  He tensed for battle...


The End

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