The last beat

The sun shined brightly and he spread his wings as far as possible so that his feathers could absorb it.  It gave his black wings a sort of shine that he couldn't explain, but he liked it and had to get as much light as he could.  He was shirt-less, which he often was so he could let his wings stretch at anytime.  His skin was tanned from being in the sun and he was muscular.  His hair was brown and eyes as dark as his wings with-out the shine.

Teeth as white as a brand-new t-shirt.  And all he wore were faded black jeans and old sneakers.  Some sound filled the air.  He reacted quickly, jumping from the cliff were he had been resting.  Wings tucked in close to his body, his body slicing through the air as he went into a dive.

A good ten feet above the ground he unfurled his wings which instantly filled with air forcing him to soar up to a higher altitude.  The powerful muscles inside of his wings tensed as he began to flap his wings.  His powerful wings moved up and down, the sound of them beating thunderous at close range.  Wind rushed through his hair and gave him a rush.  Then he saw them.

Two of them, they were small things.  Only about four foot tall, they had wolfish snouts and shark like teeth, oval eyes, and greenish-orange fur, and large white wings.  Again he tucked in his wings, diving as quickly as possible.  Though these creatures didn't seem like much, he knew what would happen if he was captured.  One word danced around his mind, "DEATH," as he desperately flew to escape his followers.

These things were blood-thirsty assassins that never had a second thought when it came to death.  The things were fast, agile, and soul-less.  His wings beat 60 times per second, probably faster than any bird you'll ever see.  But still they were on his tail, and he willed his already aching muscles to go faster.  One caught him, using clawed hands to grip onto the space where his wings connected to his back.

A smile appeared on there disgusting canine/human faces as the thing slowly bent the guys wings.  He yelled as loudly as possible.  But his fate was sealed...

The End

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