jesus comes back to earth as a general!Mature

Just then, some furtive movement out of the corner of D's eye caught his attention.  He spoke into the phone, "Listen Hannah, I've got to go.  Something's come up," and he hung up the receiver.  He glanced around, but the area surrounding the pay phone was deserted.  When D looked up he was looking into the unexpected sight of his brother's face.

"Jesus," he said, "what are you doing down here?"

Jesus walked to his brother and put his arms around D, "The devil has sent his daughter to destroy us all, D.  We must stop her."

"Jesus, the saints and I can stop her.  You don't need to come down here, you know.  We can handle this."

Jesus' face looked long and mournful.  He gave a slight shake of his head and said, The Red Queen has grown too powerful.  I fear for humanity, D.  I fear for us as well.  I must try to talk with her, to reason with her somehow before she does something irrevocable."

"Brother, I..."

"What is it, D?"

"Jesus, The Red Queen has grown quite unpredictable of late.  Bloodthirsty.  In short, she has gone bat-shit crazy.  We might have more success in talking with Satan himself.  He is the only one who might be able to control her.  I don't think we should risk a face-to-face confrontation as of yet.  Let's give the angels a chance to drive the Red Queen down below."

Again, Jesus shook his head, "If she is as strong as you say, then that tactic would spell their doom.  I must try to talk to her in private before she can accomplish any more death and destruction."

"Fine.  Let's go."

Another shake of the head, "No, she might view that as antagonistic.  If it's just me, she might feel less threatened and therefore be more willing to listen."

D whistled, "That's a pretty big risk you're taking, Jesus.  Are you going to ask Father for help?"

Jesus stared down at the ground and thought.  Eventually he said, "No.  I think it would be a bad idea to bring in The Almighty and The Dark One already.  Once the two of them get active on Earth then the balance of things gets thrown off.  I am hoping to end this as quickly and quietly as possible."

The End

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