D doesn't trust the Red Queen, he searches for reinforcementsMature

"Peace be with you, D."

"And also with you, brother."

D solemnly watched Jesus turn and disappear into the shadows, but a strange tightness gripped D's guts.  The Red Queen was obviously going off the deep end and Satan couldn't stop her -- or chose not to.  And as much as he loved Jesus, he thought that perhaps his bother's absolute purity might serve as a disadvantage when engaging Satan's daughter.  The thought of his brother meeting up with that insane bitch by himself was too much for D to accept.  His word was his bond, and he had promised to let Jesus go alone, but that didn't mean D would stand idly by and do nothing.

He flipped the phone into his hand and dialed Hannah's number.  She picked up on the first ring, "Yeah?"

"It's D."

"I know.  What's up?"

"Jesus came down."

"No shit?  Really?  Wow."

"I know."

"It's been a while."

"He's going to meet with the Red Queen to try to stop her activities."

"By himself?!"


Hannah grunted something away from the earpiece, then was back, "We need to do something."

"I know."

The End

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