the last battleMature

its the twenty first century everyone is happy apart from god and the devil for there war has lasted years untold but now the devils daughter the red queen for her true name was lost long ago has decided to restart the war , somewhere in new york city the son of jesus brother d is hunting a demon who is affecting the natural balance of good and evil he is turnig little children in to killers , high above london the red queens army led by agarver the bloodthirsty is fighting saint peters warriors in a bloody battle the evil side are trying to bring the plane down where the good side are trying to keep it in the air , when the falen one apaers for the first time in two thousand years on earth saint peter is thrown down and his army have been killed the plane goes down killing 300 people . in grand central station d is watching the news report about a plane crash in london but he can see the devil and the army , his phone rings d: hey you, hannah : what the fuck ws that did the devil just come to earth for the first time in two thousand years. d:i now the history dn't start ? hannah: fuck that iam going after a lars demon i need to know the devil want come to its aid ,d: how the fuck would i know you still got that charm bag i gave you to avoid being possed ,hannah: fuck yeah i think i need to get that tattoo you got

The End

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