the last attestant (temporary title)Mature

just a short story based on a prompt.

Chapter One

She was looking forward to it, against her original expectations.  At first it was hard to fathom; her mind didn't want to accept the information, didn't want to formulate a response to it.  She'd been given little choice, if one was looking at the facts.  The longer she'd given herself to think it over, the more it made sense.  Besides, she was unhappy - there was no getting around that; and even if it weren't for the greater catalyst in her life, she'd still be happier some place else.  Admitting that was no comfortable burden but she bore it, even met her own eyes when she forced herself to think it.  To think the words without flinching or looking away.  Without doubt.

She would never be happy in this little town, with these small people, in her quaint house, working her insignificant job, struggling every day to keep her measley personality in check.  Almost a quarter of her life was gone, more if she didn't live to be a hundred.  Where had all the time gone?  What had changed inside of her that kept her from racing ahead?  Racing off to the big city with her helium dreams.  She wished she'd taken off running the day of graduation, wished she'd boarded a train and never looked back.  Nothing important had happened in all that time - she hadn't met the love of her life, she hadn't even found someone to take an interest in.  All the men she hadn't known before graduation were no different than the ones she'd known before.  She'd seen all the rental films, gone to all the seasonal events, visited all the local attempts at night life.

Six years was a long fucking time when every sunrise was predictable, every face already burned into her memory, every spoken word already rang hollow and tired in her ears.  No one surprised her, nothing stirred her.  Everything bored her.  Everyone trampled on her good nature.

Her future became a smidge more tangible as she tossed the last of her luggage into the back of her Jeep.  She'd fantasized about this moment so many times, she couldn't ignore the swell of anticipation that clotted her breathing.  For a long moment, she let herself sit in the dark, staring at the unlit windows of the place she'd called home for the last six years.

The neon light on her dashboard said 3AM.  She put the Jeep into reverse and left, never glancing up to the house in her rearview mirror once she'd reached the main road.  She had a new life to find.  

The End

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